Felix Noille

The Nature of the Beast (Part 5) The Gnostics, Archons & Devas

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This penultimate part will attempt to identify the ‘spiritual forces’ or paranormal phenomena responsible for the manifestations and interference that has been described in the previous parts. In order to achieve this I think it's relevant to see if the teachings of the ‘Old World Belief System’...

The Hanseatic League - who were they really?

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Whilst researching another subject I kept coming across The Hanseatic League: a 400 year long economic alliance of 194 cities in 16 countries whose merchants had trade routes throughout the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, headquartered in Lübeck, Germany. They developed an economic reach which...

Dr. John Dee, The Hellfire Club, Obelisks and Masons: 007’s Legacy.

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Dee was an occultist, mathematician, astrologer, astronomer, alchemist, historian, theologian, philosopher, cryptographer, expert in the field of navigation and an all-round clever chap. He was a kind of Merlin to Elizabeth I, although not as cuddly. He is credited with having planted the seed...

SH Archive King Arthur in Hyperborea & The Arctic Mud Flood Cataclysm.

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The Arthurian Legend is universal and international. He even crops up in Japanese culture as the legendary ‘Yamato-takeru’. The Ossetians of the north-central Caucasus preserve a corpus of legends about an Arthurian-type hero called ‘Batraz’. The British tradition is usually considered to be the...

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