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SH Archive The Old Testament was created in the 15th Century

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This is just a hypothesis I'm working on. Not expecting people to agree, but debating issues like this could probably propel us forward. I do think that whoever wrote the text knew the above technology, and that technology have only become available at a certain time. Based on what you've read...

SH Archive America Was Stolen by the Holy Roman Empire

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The American Civil War was the false flag operation committed by Vatican agents against the United States of America and its people to enslave its citizens. America is not alone in this. All of western civilization has been compromised by the Holy Roman Empire.

SH Archive Hindenburg: Was Zeppelin technology a threat to the 20th century?

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Imagine a world in which luxury travel was not only available to everyone, but was also affordable. In its day, airship travel was twice as fast as steamship travel and didn't require one to spend days adjusting to the tossing and turning of the ocean. You could leisurely float ~500-1000ft above...

SH Archive Indications for a 'heavier' electric field in the past

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Combine a highly charged atmosphere with stable temperatures, a more reddish sun (infrared and far-infrared) and a high carbon dioxide concentration and you basically get a 'paradise', that is: no harmful micro-organisms, high resistance against stress, no pain, no degenerative diseases.

SH Archive 79 A.D. no more: Pompeii got buried in 1631

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The official version states that in 79 A.D. the ancient Roman city of Pompeii was buried under 4 to 6 m (13 to 20 ft) of volcanic ash in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. The site was eventually lost until its initial rediscovery in 1592 and broader rediscovery almost 150 years later in 1748.

SH Archive Mud flood, dirt rain, and the story of the buried buildings

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Apparently, there is this theory in Russia, that Peter the Great was not the founder of Saint Petersburg. He did not build it, he dug it out. Yes, you heard it right. Supposedly, a whole lot of dirt was removed, and from beneath emerged the city. This is clearly not an official version. Yet...

SH Archive Tartary - an Empire hidden in history. It was bigger than Russia once...

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"Tartary, a vast country in the northern parts of Asia, bounded by Siberia on the north and west: this is called Great Tartary. The Tartars who lie south of Muscovy and Siberia, are those of Astracan, Circassia, and Dagistan, situated north-west of the Caspian-sea; the Calmuc Tartars, who lie...

SH Archive 19th Century Pterodactyls and Thunderbirds: photoshop or not?

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Avian dinosaurs supposedly became extinct approximately 65 mln years ago. Yet there are a few photographs circulating on the internet, where we can see creatures definitely looking like some sort of Pterodactyl, and a Thunderbird (by the looks of it.) So I figured to see who thinks those are...

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