1. Be respectful
    Treat others with respect - no personal insults or threats.
  2. Respect the Moderators
    Don't argue over meaningless stuff with the moderators, respect their decisions
  3. No illegal activities
    No promotion of illegal and morally inacceptable activities
  4. No Sharing of Personal Info
    No sharing of personal information about other members
  5. No multiple accounts
    One account per person.
  6. No advertising
    No product advertising (its ok if you share a book you wrote, but advertising for the sake of it will not be tolerated)
  7. English Only
    This is an english language-only Forum
Formatting Rules
  1. Quote Selectively
    When you want to answer something specific, select the part of the post you want to quote, and a "reply" button will appear. Walls of Quotes without context aren't helpful to anyone.
  2. Use for Translation
    If you aren't fluent in english, please use a service like to translate from your first language into english.
  3. Translations
    When you translate a foreign article, you don't need to put the translation into quotes. Make it clear in the beginning of the post that you article is a translated work and reference the source.
  4. Use headlines, and paragraphs to make your content more visually appealing
    Basic formatting rules everyone should know about
  5. Resize Images
    Either include your images as previews (please center them), or, if you include the entire image, resize it into an appropriate size so that it does not take up the entire screen
  6. Center Images
    Centering images is mandatory
  7. Write something yourself
    A new thread needs to have unique content, written by yourself. A post with quotes and images only will not be published
  8. Use the "Quote" Tag
    When you quote something, always use quotes. Everything that is not written by yourself needs to be put inside quotes. It's important to differentiate your own thought process for the OP from stuff you are copying from elsewhere.
  9. Quote Entire Articles
    If you find a valuable article somewhere on the web, copy and paste the entire article into your post (with quote tags) - that way, you make sure that the content won't disappear over time. Many websites disappear after a couple years.
  10. Normal Font Size
    For normal text, use normal font size.