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    The Knights Templar and the Cañon del Rio Lobos

    This is an amazing thread, and it has me longing to know what happens during the solstice when exact alignment is achieved. I’m sure there is ritual involved, hence not being allowed to witness the exact alignment. I think the presence of so many “pagan” symbols and references to alchemy in the...
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    Forum Archive Upgrade

    Truly amazing work. Thank you!!
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    Cannibalism in humans, Great Apes, Prion diseases, and mRNA therapy

    Looks like ritualistic washing of their next meal...
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    The Walls of Western Sahara

    So the official narrative makes this a good ole modern version of Hadrian’s wall? I think it’s more likely repurposed and in some cases rebuilt ancient structures.
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    Seeking Help for Documentary Project

    I think the narrator did a fine job. Has a great “radio voice” as we call it around my parts, and the pronunciation and enunciation is on point. My only critique is that there is some sibilance present, but that can be easily fixed in a few ways.
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    Book: - Mickey Mouse in Atlantisland...

    I’ll have to dig around the site, but there is at least one thread(apart from this one) discussing how Walt Disney may have had some deeper knowledge of our stolen history. When I get a few minutes, I will try to locate this post and link it here. I believe that Disney has been and is still used...
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    Traces of technology by cuts in stones adding the liquid or soft rocks.

    In this instance, I would venture to say that these may be stone records of or a tribute to ancient tech. Amazing how it is only relatively recently we have “invented” these technologies, and the inventors were kind enough to make sure the design matched these “artistic” columns of their...
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    Cracks in history: Leaning Tower of Nevyansk

    It seems this tower has much to be discussed! Per a quick search, this article shows us that not only does this tower seem to have the worlds first lightening rod, but also the first concrete reinforced with rebar, several decades prior to rebar’s official invention. A lot of us here are used to...
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    The part about hearing wolves and finding tracks reminds me of Navajo Skinwalkers.
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    History of the Bicycle

    Great point! I know we have a small thread from the archives on an early Recumbent Bicycle or perhaps a wheelchair. There’s also quite a few posts on things like horseless carriages, but those appear to be around closer to the 19th century. I definitely find it hard to believe that we had a...
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    12,500 year old wall art discovered in remote Amazon forrest

    I’m sure now that they have “discovered” these paintings, they will magically start to degrade at a rapidly increasing pace and we will all need to stay away from this important historical site. Imho, they put the paintings there so they could be deemed needing protection and they can shut down...
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    German Space Race

    Debus even carries physical evidence of his Nazi past via the dueling scar on his chin.
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    6th c. B.C. grave raised in huge soil block

    I’d bet a shiney nickel those are Worm Gears. Edit: I did a little more research in to Worm Gears and they appear to be attributed to Archimedes, but that’s no surprise because he was another one of those ancient geniuses that changed the world one math equation or invention at a time...
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    Metal Monolith found in Utah

    I live in Pittsburgh, and the owner of the candy shop has come out and stated he had the monolith commissioned to get media attention and boost sales. Looks like it is working lol
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    Proof of Dragons?

    So what you are implying is there are still bones of dragons in the remote islands of Canada from which they film the scenes of “Mars?”