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    The Crescent Hotel, 1886: Eureka Springs, AR

    Did some follow up today. Found some interesting stuff in the surrounding area, as well. Seems I found the bit that was in the construction photo I posted above. It definitely looks much older than the rest of the building by a wide margin. A nearby chapel: What better example to...
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    Operation Dnepr-1 and Dnepr-2 as a possible elimination of the old-world survivors
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    The Crescent Hotel, 1886: Eureka Springs, AR

    Came across this photo posted by the hotels social media profile. Hardly looks like the same structure. Barely looks like a brand new built structure.
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    Coronavirus: Possible Reset

    I will also chime in and say while we have been fairly light on moderating this thread, lets try to stay somewhat on topic - there is a miles Mathis thread on the site to further continue this conversation if needed.
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    Consider the Passenger Pigeon

    <div style="text-align: center"><br/> <a class="js-lbImage" href="ectopistes_migratorius_-passenger_pigeon.jpg" target="_blank"> <img alt="Ectopistes_migratorius_(passenger_pigeon).jpg" class="bbImage thumb lazyload" data-src="ectopistes_migratorius_-passenger_pigeon.jpg"...
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    Movie: Dark City (1998)

    Just watched this last night, actually. Glad you made a thread.<br/> <br/> <div class="bbCodeSpoiler"> <button class="bbCodeSpoiler-button button--longText button" data-xf-click="toggle" data-xf-init="tooltip" title="Click to reveal or hide spoiler" type="button"><span class="button-text">...
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    Subaico Abbey in Logan County, Arkansas: A Diamond in the Rough.

    <div style="text-align: center"><img alt="card00023_fr.jpg" class="bbImage" data-url="" data-zoom-target="1" src="/data/kotk_attachments/41734/card00023_fr.jpg" style="" title="card00023_fr.jpg"/><img alt="card00425_fr.jpg" class="bbImage" data-url="" data-zoom-target="1"...
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    SH Archive 1904: the destruction of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in Saint Louis

    I can’t stress highly enough to read through the replies on this archived thread. It’s a great example of what made SH1 such an interesting and engaging conversation in the early days. I’m glad to see this one restored finally.
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    The Lost Key: Part 1

    Now you've got me thinking about the Bromo Tower...
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    Fireball Sightings Log - Casual Observation

    I saw one in NW Arkansas back in November 2018 while in my car. The only thing I will add to this is that it dramatically increased in brightness in a pulse once it went below the cloud line. The pulse made it incredibly bright - like a second sun. Because I was driving, I did not see...
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    The Last Reset - Texas Anomalies

    There's a post I made on SH1 where I was doing some digging into a town I once lived in North Texas. In that post I make reference to this site where someone has compiled research regarding strange sites in Denton he believes to be the markers of an underground military base underneath most of...
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    Ground Patterns in Siberia

    Interesting that I found similar patterns while doing some research on a completely different continent. This is Palm Beach, Florida - home of Trump's Mar-a-lago resort hotel. The area is wedged between the Atlantic ocean to the east, and one of the largest freshwater lake in NA - Lake...
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    The world against Tartary?

    Close. It is used to represent a “short” s sound (s versus sss), which is why you will sometimes see it in the same word with a regular s
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    Ireland as an example of old-world governance

    From an anthropological perspective, sharing that song is relevant content to the thread. I don't see any evidence that Oracle tacitly supports or promotes any further ideas related to Irish political parties. However, admittedly I cannot speak for Oracle so I am only seeing what I observe as...
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    SH Archive Star shaped cities, towns, and forts as evidence of the unified world of the recent past

    I found this excellent book doing some google book searches for Star forts. I was not disappointed by this assessment made, and certainly gives a strong criticism to using Star Forts as actual bastion forts. I'll post the entire section here for digestion, it is well worth the read...