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    The Arches of Bulgaria (1878-1945)

    I hope the information is useful. Ferdinand I of Bulgaria: (1861-1948) Full name: Ferdinand Maximilian Karl Leopold Maria FatherPrince August of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha MotherPrincess Clémentine of Orléans Ferdinand entered a marriage of convenience with Princess Marie Louise of...
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    Troy (2 part)

    Can we unite 2000 years of history? In the first part we saw how Troy turned out to be the Bulgarian city of Veliko Tarnovo. We also understood why Troy has two names. Let's remember (KorbenDallas): "Troy: X marked the spot for centuries, but the ruins were only identified in 1822" Troy...
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    The Bible - History of the Balkans (end of imperors) (part 8)

    So far we have found the following emperors: Eli (Trajan Decius (249-251) Peter I of Bulgaria (927-969)) Hophni (Herennius_Etruscus (251-251) / Boris II (969-971)) Phinehas (Hostilian) (251-251) / Roman of Bulgaria (977-997)) Elkanah (LKN) = Licinius (308-324) = (LKN) = (NKL) Nicholas (10th...
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    The city of Troy destroyed in 1396

    Now let's see where the city of Troy is located. We will use old names of cities, countries and the Bible. "Sing, Goddess, sing of the rage of Achilles, son of Peleus - that murderous anger which condemned Achaeans to countless agonies and threw many warrior souls deep into Hades, leaving their...
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    The chronology of the world

    We will now arrange the whole world history in several tables. As much as possible. Please attach the topic as "IMPORTANT". These are not Fomenko's tables! These are my tables. The tables follow one after the other. Three of the rulers are in "purple", "orange" and "red". These are the markers I...