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    Video of (Byrd?) men in a plane flying over the ice wall and a photo of the firmament

    Hopefully, this is what you are looking for, with respect to your second request. It's a short video that I first posted on SH1 based around some pictures first taken in 1920 off Antarctica by George Rayner. The picture showed a certain snow covered island called Smith Island. View...
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    Is Korben Dallas Back?

    View: 911 threads! Korben = Sacrificial Offering!!! More Fomenko threads please!! How about getting some of the 'stolen history' back, that might convince some.
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    Stolen History research, KorbenDallas (KD) focus.

    Good find, however Franz could in fact be the patsy, to be used as a whipping boy as so many parts of his life apparently tie up with the previous owner of this site, and in fact he may have been selected purely because of the title of his books and presentations, and his love of history. See...
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    WHY IS THERE EVIL? Who creates the evil in the world?

    A very thought provoking, and searching thread Jim. My first thoughts are that you have chosen a very negative translation for that verse that uses the highly emotive word ‘evil’. Just flicking through Bible hub with that verse shows that the 3 most popular choices are calamity, disastrous...
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    Napoleon vs. Adolf Hitler

    I remember seeing the coincidences between Lincoln and Kennedy two decades ago. Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846. John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946. Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860. John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960. The names Lincoln and...
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    Stolen History research, KorbenDallas (KD) focus.

    Hi, I am an old poster from the previous forum, and I have changed my name. The reason for this is twofold, I felt my last name made me come across as too religious (it's related to this name), and I was actually hounded off the last forum by a fellow poster continually reporting me on a...