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    The Church stole much of our History.

    Yeah it was pretty much everywhere. Only location I really can't find overwhelming evidence of is W/SE/S Africa. However there's items like these that indicate it was there as well - Congo scarification - The Akan/Ashanti/Baule in Western Africa - I guess these were seen in Angola...
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    Coronavirus: Possible Reset

    On the plus side it looks like this may be ending soon. Aside from when they bring it back every year and continue to do it... The WHO is lowering the cycle count of the test so all those false positives...
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    SH Archive King George wins the Revolutionary War

    One major thing to understand when tackling this is that the US Constitution in itself was a coup upon the 13 states sovereignty. Which is why the Constitution in this country is worth less than toilet paper and the current Supreme Court only exists to infringe upon the "unalienable" rights...
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    The Hanseatic League - who were they really?

    York Rite Masons. I've seen similar items in Coptic collections in the Southern States (USA). JEHOVA in Hebrew was replaced by the standard Masonic symbol in this later version: I had posted a news article from the early 1800's on the old site discussing the early America's being under...
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    SH Archive Tartaria - Paganism, the Destruction of Gnosticism, and the Real Missing Civilization: Cathay

    There was a lot more follow up in the original thread. JD had made a post about how the finders of the map stated the symbol was of an anchor representing the great naval power of Tartaria that I had followed up with info on an allegiance between Tartaria and the Dutch. Also with an old source...
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    Object found in Antartica after ice melt

    SW of Australia about 93 miles off the start of the ice shelf. It's about 2400 miles from Perth.
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    Object found in Antartica after ice melt

    Here's other angles: Agreed the contrast could be causing some issues. From these angles it appears the left side is elevated off the ice and casting a shadow, but who knows. I think the Nazi's had inspiration from somewhere with their flying object designs in WWII. Bob Lazar (if you...
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    Object found in Antartica after ice melt

    It appears to be about 60 feet wide. Judge for yourself. Direct link here - Google Earth Images with adjusted contrast Found here:
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    Coronavirus: Possible Reset

    It is a reset there's no denying it at this point... The economic branch of the NWO (World Economic Forum) is pretty clear about it for those paying attention : The Great Reset. Soon the military branch of the NWO (UN) will get involved when local governments fail on the compulsory bits. Like...
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    Sloppy research & deliberate shill subversion of SH narratives?

    Follow Praveen Mohan on youtube = PraveenMohan He does a lot of incredible research on these topics. He has gotten fairly popular so his production quality and video filming equipment has sky rocketed over the past few years.
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    SH Archive Chronology: of the World, of Rome, of Christ...

    This was a wrong line of thought. The source itself disproved it. He did not account for multiple other dates with the i/1 configuration that contradicted his hypothesis within the book. There was some interesting information in the source related to King Arthur and early "Roman" history...
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    SH Archive  Tartaria - Paganism, the Destruction of Gnosticism, and the Real Missing Civilization: Cathay

    Let's break the spell: On 25 April 1507, as a member of the Gymnasium Vosagense in the Duchy of Lorraine, Waldseemuller produced a globular world map and a large 12-panel world wall map using the information from Columbus and Vespucci's travels (Universalis Cosmographia), both bearing the first...
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    SH Archive  The Cataclysm Event That Changed Africa Forever

    I propose the Pigafetta family has the key to understanding the cataclysm that disconnected Europe from the Americas and Africa until they were slowly rediscovered. Antonio Pigafetta, a man who survived the circumnavigation of the earth with Magellan, extensively detailed his trip and made many...
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    SH Archive  The Jesuit's Oath

    <div style="text-align: center">The American November 5th, 1891<br/> <a class="link link--external"...
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    SH Archive  America Was Stolen by the Holy Roman Empire

    Others have posted information on this in various threads with the 13th amendment but I wanted to make sure all of the information had it's own thread.<br/> <ul> <li data-xf-list-type="ul"><i>See a great thread on the topic here: <i>Which 13th Amendment?</i></i></li> <li...
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    SH Archive  First "photo" of a black hole

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