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  1. torgo

    The True History of the American Civil War (War of Rebellion)

    Very interesting post. I don't claim to know the absolute truth, but I tend to trust the EIR's (Executive Intelligence Review) take on things more than most, especially back in their hey-day in the 70s and 80s., publishing their notorious Dope, Inc. book (attached) which blew the lid off the...
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    King George wins the Revolutionary War

    do you have a good source for this? I've heard of it, but haven't come across anything convincing. Thanks
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    Vitamin Supplements and covid hysteria / my personal experience

    Thanks for sharing. This is the first I've heard anything negative about D3, so i'm surprised but also not surprised that a successful scam could endure for this long. I don't see how any amount of rat poison could be good for a human, but maybe i'm missing something. It makes me think of the...
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    A Celtic/Basque Civilization Erased from History?

    I've updated this article to include what I feel to be important information on the Southeastern Yuchi/Uchee tribe, in the section on Great Ireland, also some links, and a quote from Richard Thornton at The Americas Revealed.
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    Iron bars on house walls...

    I always thought they were like the Hex signs the "Pennsylvania Dutch" Germans had painted on their barns for the purpose of warding off negative spirits and witchcraft. Iron was used for the same purpose and I remember some old graves in Europe surrounded by iron bars, I think to prevent the...
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    King George wins the Revolutionary War

    As KD put it in his post on Norumbega talking about coincidences in the War of 1812 like similar uniform design, "We could wonder how these armies could fight each other in the dark. We could find a plausible explanation as to why their uniforms look like they all came from the same designer. Me...
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    A Celtic/Basque Civilization Erased from History?

    Thanks, I found the article on the old WayBack. Your username is epic, by the way.
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    A Celtic/Basque Civilization Erased from History?

    Thank you and I agree with you. I've updated the beginning part on Ogam with a bit more info from the linked page. I was trying to make a connection between Basque and the Celtic languages using some of the quotes I included such as the genetic connections between Celts and Basques, and the...
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    Front Page Thread Promotion
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    A Celtic/Basque Civilization Erased from History?

    I have been finding some clues and information in my research that in my opinion point to a Celtic culture in North America and possibly other lands as well. I've found that the ancient Irish script called Ogam or Ogham has been found in various places in North America, Africa, Ireland...
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    The Secret War Against Germania and its Historical Roots (part 1)

    I'm posting the pdf here in case it's no longer available anywhere. I didn't know it's possible to attach pdfs here.
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    Ireland as an example of old-world governance

    The East side of North America used to be known as Great Ireland a long time ago. I found out about this from a comment in a thread at SH but I can't find it anywhere. It had to do with the backgrounds of the Native Americans, I believe. Luckily, I saved the screenshots and sources and have...
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    Elizabeth the First. A portrait?

    Very interesting. I wonder if the "serpent" could originally have been something else, like a feather or flower...
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    Stolen History research, KorbenDallas (KD) focus.

    Maybe this is why! View:
  15. torgo

    Stolen History research, KorbenDallas (KD) focus.

    I'd like to add another video I found on his youtube channel which I think outlines very well what he was about. The things he says definitely ring true to the intent and vision KD seems to have had for SH. And check out his book and kindle book. View:
  16. torgo

    Stolen History research, KorbenDallas (KD) focus.

    I think it's Frantz Kebreau. I remember KD said in a thread that he flew planes for years, so with Frantz being a commercial airline pilot, a researcher, and owning the Stolen History LLC ("an organization born from his desire to share the TRUTH with all Americans") and the
  17. torgo

    Abandoned Ancient City found in Brazil

    Great post! The scripts reminds me a lot of Miꞌkmaq native American writing as well as magical sigils from grimoires and alchemical symbols. I had noticed a similarity between those before and now with this scipt, i'm intrigued. Miꞌkmaq writing: 72 seals from the Lesser Key of Solomon :
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    The Secret War Against Germania and its Historical Roots (part 4)

    In this video, this guy goes through some pages with translations of an old 16th century book about Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. I thought it was interesting that one of the pictures was in or around Havana (Cuba i'm assuming) where the native were cannibals, and where the Empire's soldiers...
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    Mystery of the Bronx

    do you remember if he said why?
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    The Secret War Against Germania and its Historical Roots (part 1)

    Strange. That link goes right to the zip file download for me. Maybe your ISP has blocked it. The link is from: Also: