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Just found it rather interesting, that we have two visually similar horse streetcars separated by almost 30 years during the tail end of the so-called "Industrial Revolution".
1862-93: Horse Cars
The horse-drawn tram aka horsecar, was an early form of public rail transport that developed out of industrial haulage routes that had long been in existence, and from the omnibus routes that first ran on public streets in the 1820s, using the newly improved iron or steel rail or 'tramway'.

1862 - 1890.jpg

1862 - 1893.jpg

1881 - 93: Electric Streetcars
These below images allegedly pertain to a period between 1881 and 1893. Some very similar electric streetcars could be observed on the streets of New Orleans.
KD: Here's what I suspect. Horses were pulling streetcars which originally had electric capabilities built in (including the DC 1862 photographs). There is no reason for horse vs. electric streetcars separated by 30 years and utilizing a railroad to look virtually the same at the very beginning of their developmental existence. Just my opinion that is...


Opinion: Railroad horsecars could be a stamp on the timeline of lies we are presented with. Their emergence could signify when the ability to properly power these streetcars was lost. In my opinion no cars were originally designed to be pulled by an animal while simultaneously utilizing railroads.

Original design?


Question: Which came first: the chicken or the egg?

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