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Thanks to Rebel Without a Pause. This is one building I hadn't thought to take a look at, but there certainly are some very strange things going on here. Lots of lies, cover-ups, and bullshit history, as usual. Here is the Wiki article: Salt Lake Temple - Wikipedia. It's undeniably a gorgeous building, and if you didn't know what it was, you'd swear it was a European cathedral...which, in a sense, it is, because of course it's the same architecture that we can see all over the world. The middle, highest, tower is topped with a statue, while the two smaller towers have metal devices on them.The statue is meant to be the angel Moroni, but it could have originally been anybody, or was added in modern times.

If you scroll down to "Symbols," you'll see this image:

There's Moroni, the all-seeing eye, Earth, Saturn, clasped hands, square and compass....all Masonic symbols that probably go back to before the Freemasons even existed. Here, they've been re-interpreted to mean different things so that church members won't know what they are walking into.

If you look up images of the temple under construction, you won't find much. No surprise there.

Note that we see no pictures of the foundation work, only the upper towers with scaffolding. It's as if they removed some of the upper structure and rebuilt it, or are repairing damage to the towers. Whatever is going on here, it doesn't look like a ground-up construction job. And note that the Tabernacle dome, an enormous structure covering almost as much ground as the temple, is already in place. When was that built? Why is there a 30-foot metal rod on top of it?

The image on the left is supposed to be the foundation blocks for the temple, with workers...doing something with them? Is this how a construction site normally looks? I would think they'd carefully arrange the blocks in organized stacks according to size and purpose, not just dump them in a huge mess all over the ground. There aren't very many workers, and they don't appear to be working, just sort of milling around in all this broken rubble, posing for the camera. Who are these guys? On the right is what is supposed to be the quarry site where the granite was cut. How do we know? It could be any quarry site anywhere. Are these men really working, or were they just made to pose for the camera? We can't tell. "Here, hold this hammer-looking thing like you're going to chop a piece of rock or something. We need some pictures for 'What Quarry?' magazine."

This print is supposedly the temple under construction, but what part of it? And it's a drawing, not a photograph. Why no photographs of this very early stage of construction, when photography was readily available? Where are the newspaper articles describing this incredible work of art? People were as hungry then as they are now for a good story in their local newspaper.

Photo on the left is from 1893, the one on the right is a modern one from the Mormon website. Does it look as if those lowest windows and doors are half-buried? The ground floor certainly looks out of proportion to the other floors above it. Note that the dome, in modern times, has something weird on the top. Is that a handle? Looks like the lid to a baking pan that you'd use to take your green bean casserole to a church potluck. What is going on with that dome?

Construction of the dome in the 1860s, and one from 1937. Once again, there is a scarcity of images, and the only one we find shows it partly constructed already. No evidence of a ground breaking ceremony or anything.

The insides of these buildings are equally amazing, and equally impossible to believe that they were constructed by Mormons. The pipe organ, alone, is simply mind-boggling. Look at the size of those pipes! Salt Lake Tabernacle organ - Wikipedia Who made those? How was this installed? Why do we see no photographs or other information on the making and installation of this magnificent musical instrument?

There are other Mormon temples in the world, but I don't have time to investigate them. I have a feeling that all of the older ones (dating from the 1850s or thereabouts) will have the same sketchy history connected to them.
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