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The World's Columbian Exposition was a world's fair held in Chicago in 1893 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus's arrival in the New World in 1492. Not to be confused with the "A Century of Progress International Exposition" 30 years later also known as the 1933 Chicago World's Fair. The 1893 Columbian exposition or Chicago World's Fair was a pivotal moment in the history of the United States. Chicago won the right to host the World's Fair over New York, Washington D.C., and St. Louis. During its six month run, nearly 27,000,000 people, roughly half the population of the United States at-that-time, attended the fair. Its numerous displays and exhibits established conventions for architecture, design, and decorative arts, in addition to initiating a new era of American industrial optimism.

Nicknamed "The White city".

Le architects
Totally not a Freemason.
The layout and design of the fair, as seen here, is the work of Daniel Burnham (notable designs of his include the Masonic Temple Building. Burnham and his co-author Edward H. Bennett also prepared "The Plan of Chicago", which laid out plans for the future of the city and was an outgrowth of the City Beautiful movement. Intended to introduce beautification and monumental grandeur to cities.

Also totally not a Freemason.
...And Frederick Law Olmsted, whose Olmstead Brothers firm was responsible for the landscaping of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial grounds among other American public parkland. Most of the fair was designed in the Beaux Arts tradition, a popular movement in Paris that was quickly gaining global momentum. In the years following the fair, this influential architectural style redefined the cityscape of Chicago, Boston, New York, and many other prominent American cities. Source.

Although many others came close, the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893 was the biggest Exposition to date (based on attendance, 25% of the US population at that time). This was sold as a show case of the world. Complete with cultural districts and human zoos. Visitor could marvel at the wonders of modern technology and during the evenings the buildings were rigged with brilliant light displays courtesy of Nikola Tesla himself.

"Chicago’s 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition was particularly successful — and famous — thanks in part to a staggering array of cultural and technological marvels which debuted there, including some of the first demonstrations of electrical power, the world’s first Ferris Wheel, and the first servings of the candied popcorn that would later be dubbed “Cracker Jacks.” Nearly all the halls and pavilions at the fair were temporary, but a handful of buildings still stand — although not all of them are still in Chicago." Atlasobscura.
  • Construction started: No Information. (Bidding ended 1890.)
  • Construction finished: No Information.
  • Total construction time: No Information. (3 years, Potentially)
  • Opening: May 1, 1893 (However Christopher Columbus' discovery of America anniversary was 1892.)
  • Closure: October 30, 1893
  • Total Expo operation time: 182 days (Days closed -No Information.)
  • Visitors: 27,300,000
  • Ticket Cost 1893\(2018): US$0.50\(US$13.18)
  • Cost of the project in 1893\(2018): US$28,000,000\(US$738,141,662.26 )
  • Profits 1893\(2018): US$29,000,000\($764,503,864.48)*
  • No. Buildings constructed: No Information.
  • Site of venue: Chicago, Jackson Park and Midway Plaisance. 690 acres (2.8 km2)
  • Demolished: No information
  • Remaining buildings: Four: 1) The Palace of Fine Arts is now the Museum of Science and Industry, 2) The World's Congress Auxiliary Building is now the Art Institute of Chicago, 3) The Norway pavilion is now in Blue Mound, Wisconsin and 4) The Maine Pavilion was moved to Poland Spring, Maine. In addition, one of the statues is in the center of a traffic circle in Chicago.
*(Conflicting reports confuse this issue. The fair paid all debts (US$28m) with an additional US$1m returned to subscribers, here. OR The fair paid all debts (not given) with US$1.5m returned to investors, here.)

"Thank you for your visit, the city you are looking for is temporarily available."


1893, Chicago, IL.


Not so temporary after all.

The above scene is of the Palace of fine arts. Below is an image of this building "under construction", Its crucial that we fully understand exactly what this construction was as there are images online of many of these fair buildings shrouded in scaffolding and clearly in some late stage of construction.

Palace of fine arts dome built.png
Seems legit.
I'll admit in the photo I've supplied clearly shows the building of the dome. You can find many photos of the roof being built. But that is it. Roofing renovations do not a complete scratch build make. The front of the facade is having some kind of overhaul but you can see those columns are already pre-existing. I believe this photo is some time after the Worlds Fair, after the demolition of the other lake side structures. The Palace of fine arts exists today, the official narrative of course is that they tore down the original before rebuilding it from stone at a later date. The face lift under way in this photo is perhaps the sanitizing of any cultural icons. Chiseling off priceless frescoes, that sort of thing.

...Unlike the other "White City" buildings, it was constructed with a brick substructure under its plaster facade. Wikipedia. This one building was build from brick under the plaster facade? Why though? Aren't these pictures of it being built from the ground up?
These are photos of Washington D.C Capitol building, also a grecco-roman building being retro fitted with a dome. Note there are no existing photos of the ground floor being built.

Is it possible that this complex was a royal court and palace belonging to the true people of North America. The Tartars spoken of by Fomenko in his work 'how it was in reality.'?

Exhibition hall seen in the background was largest building in North America at the time.

Those are torches ablaze on that building. Open flame on a plaster structure hardly seems safe.

Why aren't there blueprints for this stuff?

Plaster in water fountains? -And I thought the plaster and open flames was a bad idea.

It's too successful, smash it all to pieces!
After the event was over these sites were demolished. The temporary plaster 'staff' and wood explination created a plausible excuse for future generations to dismiss these buildings. Some things did survive, well sort of. The Statue of the Republic, aka the “Golden Lady,” is a one-third scale replica of a sculpture by Daniel Chester French that stood in front of the Court of Honor at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition. The 24-foot statue today stands in Jackson Park.

Muh lady. *tips tinfoil hat*.

The republic.png
Imagine if it was actually solid gold and they liquidated it.

We are supposed to believe this was built as a temporary attraction. The scene rivals anything you can find in Europe. But the idea of European cities in the new world doesn't fit the approved chronology.

This fountain piece was odd...

In Japan this is recognized as a dolphin and can be found at almost all historical castles. I can't help but see a similarity here. What do you think?
So many weird things are associated with this Fair, they had a serial killer on the loose, The White City was said to have inspired author L. Frank Baum to create the Emerald City in his book The Wizard of Oz even a few masonic numbers crop up.

I can't imagine a project this large being so badly documented. I don't believe this but even if the entire fair ground was made in three years and it all happened exactly as were told it did, why has this never been repeated? Surely things get more efficient over time. If this was done in 3 years in 1893, I mean 25% of the country attended so Its definitely a good money maker! making something like this today should be common place. I just can't see how this was all done on a whim.
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Ever since I first read this archived post I’ve been curious about all of the retrofitting of domes onto these buildings. It makes me wonder if the original domes had some tech in them that needed to be hushed up...


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I've searched this topic for a few months now. My questions about human logistics are absolutely unanswerable under the current official narratives. The "official" construction times are absurd, obviously, but the story about moving millions of humans through the exhibits in that amount of time is far beyond absurd.

27 million, 300 thousand people had to travel from somewhere in America. They needed to have someplace to sleep during the fair: hotels, or tents, rooms, the ground. A fair that size would not be a one day event you visit and leave before dark to go home. Disneyland can't even pull that off.

People would have needed to eat. Where did 27 million people have a meal while attending the fair? What about the logistics of bringing in and preparing food for that many people? (I've been an event planner, feeding 500 people one meal, which is a logistical feat in itself even with modern food delivery, freezers and refrigerators and with a full kitchen prep support staff).

Where did meat for 27 million people come from? Was there supposedly a slaughterhouse network near by where millions of animals were butchered to provide meat for fairgoers? What kind of septic system was in place to handle millions of gallons of animal blood, and where was it located? How was it possible for millions of pounds of meat to be transported via the unrefrigerated horse and buckboard technology of common trade in those days?

Also, if 27 million humans eat one meal, in one day, times the 180 day run of the fair, the excrement output alone for only one meal per day would require a sewage infrastructure of the magnitude of New York City, Los Angeles or Tokyo.

I don't find mention of either restaurants or any form of outhouses in any of the offical stories. Nor is there mention of where millions of travelers would park their horses while attending the fair, how the horses would be fed, and how excrement from millions of horses in the parking lot would be removed and treated.

For those fairgoers wealthy enough to actually own a vehicle and travel there in luxury from all over America (before there was a significant paved highway system), where did they park their cars?

Nowhere in any of the maps that I can see are parking lots for either horses or cars designated.

So many questions.
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Amazing how often this happens!

But I just watched an episode of a new TV show which is researching whether American serial killer H.H. Holmes might also be Jack The Ripper since it seems he had a spell in London at same time. Anyway tonight's episode featured this 1893 Chicago World's Columbian Exposition as H.H. Holmes was supposedly living there during this time. They believe he could have been the serial killer during the event.
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