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1916 US Flag

What country is this?

Suffragettes carrying a banner announcing that 'Women have full suffrage in Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and Idaho' at the Women of all Nations Parade in New York on May 3, 1916
Colorado Was the First State to Enfranchise Women Through Popular Referendum. Here's How It Happened

Flag of the Confederation of American States


  • The First Southern Congress was carried out in Richmond, Virginia. The Congress made up of delagates of the southern slave holding states signed the Virginia Manifesto offically forming the states into a Confederated Republic focusing on states rights but will have the federal government intervine in case of violence. The flag was adopted from old American one. 13 stripes represented the nations that made up the former union and 5 Starts representing the 5 states of the Confederation. So in the winter of 1789 the Confederation of American States was declared with its federal capital in Richmond. Williamsburg would remain the capital of Virginia. Immediately the two American powers, the CAS and Pennsylvania were immediately competing. Pennsylvania however finally won out in the race for the Ohio. The border was set at the river. Throughout the 1790s saw the CAS ensure its dominance over its claimed territory. In 1794 after border incidents with American Indians the CAS sent in its marines to invade Spanish, Florida with the minor consent of the Spaniards. The colony was promptly annexed into the territories of Florida and South Alabama.
Source: Birth of the American Colossus - the contents of the above paragraph are supposed to be made up, but the flag ended up being real. Interesting.

KD: I’m not a fashion expert, but are they wearing clothes matching 1916 time frame?

Why do we keep on having this "weird flag" issue? Where is the US flag which is supposed to match the year of 1916? Why are we displaying 1789 flag in 1916?
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