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Construction of a tunnel past Stonehenge could spell the loss of a “unique” site which can trace the presence of people back to the last Ice Age, experts have warned.
6,000 year old hoofprints

  • Perfectly preserved hoofprints of wild cattle known as aurochs have recently been found at excavations a mile and a half from the famous stone circle in Wiltshire, University of Buckingham archaeologist David Jacques said.
  • The 6,000-year-old hoofprints, preserved in what appears to be a ritualistic manner, are the latest in a wealth of finds in a decade-long dig at Blick Mead, which Prof Jacques said formed a “national archive of British history”.
Professor David Jacques from the University of Buckingham, Ladies & Gentlemen.

KD: Amazing, they have the entire previous civilization (including Tartary) to investigate, and they are digging for the hoofprints. Could they get any more excited? What a shame...

Now we have:

Congratulations Everyone
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All the really good stuff they could be researching, and hoof prints are what get them aroused. What a world.


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I think they like digging for the older stuff (or at least calling it older stuff) because we have no way whatsoever of verifying or refuting their claims; we just have to take their word for it. On the other hand, things that are only a few hundred years old can possibly be verified or refuted due to surviving records.
If your career/reputation depended on discovering cool stuff and writing about it, wouldn't you rather go with something that no one can call "shenanigans" on? All the dating methods are based on assumptions.
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