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Well, heres some more questionable science imo.

All of the usual suspects & dates are involved.


And some video...

'Laying on the muddy floor of the frigid inland Baltic Sea, scientists have found an almost perfectly preserved and intact shipwreck, undisturbed for hundreds of years'

'Based on its incredible preservation, archaeologists have been able to date the ship back to the Renaissance. That's around the late 15th or early 16th century CE, the time of Christopher Columbus and Leonardo da Vinci'


Love this, facts;

'We know it's the oldest shipwreck in the Baltic. There's no other ship in the world of this period like this. We have older ships but they are only timbers or metal - we never have a ship like this with masts and anchors," Pacheco-Ruiz told The Daily Mail'

'To study the ship in greater detail, scientists deployed remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) from the deck of the Stril Explorer. These were used to take a photogrammetric survey of the sunken vessel, providing detailed high-resolution 3D models the researchers could study in depth'

She's around 16-18 metres (52-60 feet) in length - just a little smaller than Columbus's flagship, the 19-metre Santa Maria.

They have all this tech and info but can only guess its length....

'The team credits this level of preservation to the cold, slightly salty, hypoxic waters of the Baltic Sea's deeper waters; an environment less hospitable to the marine life that would usually ravage a wooden sunken ship.

The wrecked vessel is of great historical significance, the researchers said. Not only is it more intact than other sunken ships in the Baltic - such as the warship Mars, sunk in the First Battle of Öland in 1564, or the great warship Vasa, which sank on her maiden voyage in 1628 - it is also older'

This bit tickled me...

'The precise origin of the ship is unknown. It's from a time before naming ships was common; for now, it's been labelled Okänt Skepp - "Unknown Ship" in Swedish'


This could have sunk last year for all we know. Love to read forum members thoughts?

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