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This is an intriguing piece of stonework I spotted in Queens Wood, London, UK.

The woodland is described as 'ancient', whatever that means. I have seen bits of old houses/cottages, including bits of metal. I'm not showing this here, but I mention this as I am not so sure that this wood is as ancient as all that... Apparently there is also a plague pit in those woods.

Anyway, at the bottom of a quite a steep slope is the following piece of masonry, possibly made of some sort of sandstone. It stands alone, with no other rubble around it.


I find it quite attractive and unusual. It's not the full piece and I can't tell exactly what it's about. It could be a pattern based around plants, but also is reminiscent to me of a fish tail.

I don't think it's an artist's piece. At least there's nothing to indicate that and I haven't bumped into anything that says that. But that might be a possibility.

Anyway, do any of you have any thoughts on this? Have you seen some similar patterning anywhere?
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