Alternative history of agriculture (a must see documentary)


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Dec 24, 2020
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I guess the summarize is that they argument that the grains we have been using in agriculture has been DNA-modified long time ago by an advanced civilisation and the transformation from meat to agriculture was made to suite their cupper-based (blue) blood.
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Aug 27, 2020
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Interesting indeed. I haven't watched the whole thing yet,I am like the member above and am a reader rather than a watcher, but I've watched the opening ten minutes for now. My current theory is similar from what I've read. That the dragons, dinosaurs etc disappeared from the surface of the Earth due to climatic changes and a new atmospheric density unsuitable to their needs. That that new atmosphere was most likely created by a scorched earth. That these creatures of the Reptile species may continue in some form below ground from where they rule us today by proxy of hybrids with humans,or genetic engineering for the same result on the surface. That those who call themselves chosen,manage humans on the surface by trapping them in a material world supported by set spiritual religions to distance them from their natural spirit/soul/one consciousness which would choose if allowed to, a whole different set of values and way of thinking/living.

The too much CO2 (for them) in the atmosphere leading to the term blue blood makes perfect sense to me and hence the otherwise bizarre climate change campaign/ hate against a non existent CO2 threat.
The Copper thing is interesting too, maybe if they are underground they have a plentiful source to mine and process for their needs- perhaps it would be worth looking into the regions of the world where we ourselves mine Copper to see if there are corresponding reports of sightings of anomalies or paranormal events/reports.

It is interesting that the earlier ruling aristocrats are known from older paintings and literature for their pale,thin blueish skin and we are told it was because it was "fashionable" to avoid the sun, wear hand to ankle clothing and hats with wide brims and sun parasols, and because they used silver utensils,plates, cups for dining.

I will try to watch the whole thing soon, available time as well as a short attention span for screen watching makes it hard for long videos for me.
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