Ancient Ion Towers


Nov 12, 2020
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So recently I have found so many answers to posts on here and I want to share them, so I'm starting to post more and make videos, for those who don't want to watch the video I can explain in summary!

Also thank you to Тартария for these images that helped me piece this together!


Tons of researchers like myself have noticed that the ancient world had very unique architecture that points towards some electrical use, well what if we were close, but backward. A lot of theories point towards the idea that towers and buildings were designed to harness the magnetic fields/atmospheric electricity, while that is possible, you can look as far back in books, pictures, and all sorts of ancient documents but you will rarely ever find electrical components.

What you do find are bells on towers and a lot of symmetrical shapes!


These towers actually all point towards being positive Ion generators and well, if this is the case this explains the entire history of WHAT happened and WHY it happened to our world.


Positive ions create Ozone by attaching an extra electron to oxygen, it creates an Ozone layer, positive ions have many benefits, such as killing viruses, etc, it was the golden age, but what they were not aware of, was Ozone. So many ion generators were created they started to affect the layer of the atmosphere, but it didn't fall yet. This is WHEN, dun dun dunnn, the tower of babel was created.


The largest, biggest, Ion generator ever built, this was the final straw and made our ozone layer create a hole, big enough to cause a huge catastrophic event.
During the tower's construction, is when a crack happened. The tower is known for being destroyed by god and flooded, just like an airplane window breaking and pressure needing to equalize, half of the world's oxygen rushed into space around us, creating another layer of atmosphere while sucking out tons of air and causing massive waves that crashed over the rest of the world. Antarctica was the place for the tower., the place where the ozone opened and everything instantly froze over from the temperature of space.

Most can argue the placement of this tower was someplace else, but the details and evidence are lacking, maybe because it was frozen over?


Mesopotamia—“the land between two rivers”—gave birth to many of the world’s first great cities. The splendid city of Babylon, located between the waters of the Euphrates and the Tigris some 60 miles south of Baghdad, was one of them. Unlike the many towns that fell and disappeared, Babylon was resilient, rising from its own ashes time and again, even as new conquerors invaded and took over. The pleasure its occupiers enjoyed came at a price, however, since the highly desired Babylon would always be seen as a prize for the taking.

Babylon has resonated in Judeo-Christian culture for centuries. The books of the Old Testament recount the exile of the Jews to Babylon following the sack of Jerusalem, by whose waters they “sat down and wept.” By the time of the New Testament, the city had become a potent symbol: the corrupt earthly twin city to the pure, heavenly New Jerusalem.

Outside the biblical tradition, Babylon intrigued Greek and Roman writers, who added to the rich store of legends that have come down to the present day. The Greek historian Herodotus wrote about Babylon in the fifth century B.C. A number of inconsistencies in his account have led many scholars to believe that he never traveled there and that his text may be closer to hearsay than historical fact. Popular tales of Babylon’s fantastic structures, like the Tower of Babel and the Hanging Gardens, may also be products of legends and confusion. Yet to historians and archaeologists, Babylon is a real bricks-and-mortar place at the center of the vibrant Mesopotamian culture that it dominated for so many centuries.



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Aug 25, 2020
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Are you talking about negative ions?


Nov 12, 2020
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Are you talking about negative ions?
Well I was going to say no, but if you want to be grammatically correct, then yes.
"The definition of a negative ion is an electrically-charged atom, or cluster of atoms, formed by gaining one or more electrons."

It's really all pish posh, but its an atom, with an extra electron, In my defense, I'm not sure why this is called a negative ion, as it has gained an electron, so it should be called a positive ion in my opinion but, yes I actually was referring to "negative" ions, but I hope people get the idea it just has an extra electron, Ill point that out in my next video so thank you!
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Aug 26, 2020
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Your post assumes globe earth and that space with a vacuum exists and that there is some barrier that allows a fast spinning gas(our atmosphere in the helio model) can stick to the globe and not be effected in any way shape or form by it's neighbor the vacuum.

I'm not sure why this is called a negative ion, as it has gained an electron, so it should be called a positive ion in my opinion
It has entered a negative charge state. That has nothing to do with gaining or losing anything. You have sound logic but are missing the details. Don't stress, a lot of things in chemistry is nonsensical it seems.


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Sep 6, 2020
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parts unknown
I do think you are on to something here and may have stumbled onto a missing piece of the puzzle.

There has been much speculation that the Giza was used for energy generation.
Using the electricity generated by the movement of water through limestone to generate hydrogen through electrolysis.

giza.jpg hydrogen production.png
It could also be speculated that starforts were originally built for the same purpose just based on their usual proximity to both water and limestone. With an original purpose of generating energy rather than any military one.

This Caltech paper suggests that a hydrogen economy would have negative effects on ozone.
the leaked hydrogen gas that would inevitably result from a hydrogen economy, if it accumulates, could indirectly cause as much as a 10-percent decrease in atmospheric ozone.

It seems logical that a hydrogen based civilization would eventually become aware of this and start building ozone producing towers and cathedrals to maintain a balance.
If these were indeed producing ozone, perhaps this is where the idea of cathedrals as healing centers began.
Based on the reported beneficial health effects of ozone therapy.


Perhaps it was environmental changes, or possible sabotage that eventually led to the destruction of the hydrogen civilization.

If it was sabotage, we can probably determine the primary culprit by identifying who took ownership these "forts" and cathedrals today.


It does seem the current hydrocarbon civilization was preoccupied on destroying or decommissioning these sites outside of Europe in north Africa, middle east, and Asia during the 19th and 20th centuries.
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