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Is this an attempt to skew actual history? (Our versions, not official narratives)

'THE architecture of an ancient settlement off the coast of Florida has been discovered by researchers in an unprecedented archaeological find.

The discovery and the way in which it was found has excited researchers, as extremely advanced laser technology was able to penetrate through the surface of Florida’s Gulf coast to discover an ancient settlement that predates colonial America. In the new paper, archaeologists from the University of Florida explained how they used drone-mounted lasers to gather an incredible amount of data in order to digitally map what was once a thriving community.

Terry E Barbour, a doctoral candidate from the university and Professor Ken Sassaman, used aerial drones with light detection and ranging Lidar sensors.

In doing this the researchers were able to create detailed 3D maps of the surface of Raleigh Island.

Archaeological objects were first spotted on the island in 1990, though technology was not advanced enough to explore on the scale required.

Then, in 2010, a subsequent exploration of the area revealed the presence of a settlement dating from 900 to 1200 CE.

The settlements discovered comprised of 35 residential areas “enclosed by edges of oyster shell” that tower up to 12ft tall, the researchers said.

As part of test excavations, field researchers dug down 3ft to assess the depth of the archaeological deposits.(my guess is they may need to dig much deeper)

Ten of these field studies were carried out before conclusions were made.'

'There is “abundant evidence” according to the researchers, that beads made from large marine mollusks were produced in these settlements' (Love to see this evidence)

'This in itself was enough to excite the scientists, proving humans had once thrived in the area'

This must be some huge evidence....

'Adding to this, stone tools were found strewn in region that would have been used to make the beads, Professor Sassaman said'

Stone tools, making beads.....

'While the shell beads were not used as a means of money, they were a form of “ritual wealth” among inland chiefdoms and social and political interactions'

Great, where is the actual evidence for this?

'Chiefdoms would have associated these pieces with clout related to their name and tribe, he said'

Would they? How does he know this?

'Professor Sassaman said: “The discovery of possible bead production may provide information on past societies in eastern North America – and how beads were integral to social capital.'

'The importance of these beads and the material they were made out of is easily identifiable when moving to the continents inland.'

'In regions such as the lower midwest, for example, sizeable sea mollusks were imported to create such pieces that signified social standing'

How do they know all of this?

Chiefs of the era would have requested that craftspeople turn them into beads and other valuable objects, the paper said.

The Tocobaga Indians lived in small villages along the west coast of Florida, in the Tampa Bay region from 900 to the 1500s.

Around 1528, Pánfilo de Narváez, (anyone heard of this guy?) Waki a Spanish explorer, arrived in the Tampa Bay area, bringing with him and his fleet a range of disease and violence that ended in the demise of the native tribe over the next 100 years.

So what do we have, a gentle re writing, a subtle changing, an admission of something other than the mainstream natrative, or a skewing of history?

Love to hear some thoughts on this!


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