Battle for the Mind


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Aug 27, 2020
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By William Sargant 1957

This book is very relative to our time.
Can't understand why with all the facts and stats in your hand you cannot break through to people in your life with what is really going on with the cv1984 psych-ops ?
This book helps us to understand, and maybe through it for them to understand.
From introduction;
302 pages - revised 1961 edition -

How can an evangelist convert a hardboiled sophisticate? Why does a POW sign a "confession" that he knows is false? How is a criminal pressured into admitting his guilt? Do the evangelist, the POW's captor, and the policeman use similar methods to gain their ends? These and other compelling questions are discussed in this definitive work by William Sargant. Sargant explains and illustrates the basic techniques used by evangelists, psychiatrists, and brain-washers to dissolve existing, established patterns of belief, and then substitute new beliefs and behaviors.
Download the book here Battle for the Mind

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