Bethlehem Star, Comet or Supernova?


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Dec 1, 2020
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Bethlehem Star, Comet or Supernova?

There's this sort of doubt, with respect the astronomical event marking the divine signal in the skies for the coming of the Messiah. Some just think about a comet (maybe Halley), another ones just show theirs speculations about a new star (Supernova).

Well, the best info source is the art (paintings, icons, frescos), closer to the facts (taking real chronology of course), better.

Giotto - Italian Renaissance (Giotto di Bondone early 14th-century or last 13th-century)

What do you see? It seems like a comet. But it's a reddish object, and comets are white-blueish coloured.
So. It's a comet or it's a Supernova?

Tradition brang to us a very bizarre symbolic level.

Depicted as a mixing of star or comet, but this is nonsense at reality level. There's no "star-comets", must be star or must be a comet, not both at the same time. It's a strange object from the symbolic level perspective.

Traditionally comets are linked to bad omens. A new star should be a better choice for a "new kingdom".

Rogier Van der Weyden. Obviously shows a RED STAR, what explains the supernova option as most probable.

Stellar or Star child.

What the hell knew or wanted to show us Kubrick in 2001 Oddysey?

And why all these strange mistakes.
Another one Halley (1066) depicted in red.

Bayeux Tapestry (supposedly shows Halley)

Did you know Mary Virgin it's usually depicted with red clothes over blue clothes?

This is the most common pattern

It seems templars knew it either.

NEMESIS (Samuel Was Here), 2016 movie.

he, he :giggle:. Hal & Sal 9000
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Dec 1, 2020
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Bethlehem Star (Red Star) it's the Crab SUPERNOVA.

Officialy dated SN1054 by chinese astronomers.

I have found very usually events mixed in the 11th-12th centuries. I point this event (Bethlehem Star) in summer 1150 AC.

How could we know that?

NASA astronomer Virginia Trimble found, analysing nebula gases correlation that the official date was wrong, and sentenced the Supernova explosion due to happen a bit recently (about 100 years).

Dating of the Egyptian Osiris Zodiac to the morning of 20 March 1185 (see also CHRON, part 2), which we arrived at in the book ‘The new chronology of Egypt’ – perfectly corresponds to the dating of the Star of Bethlehem to the middle of the XII century. In other words, the year 1185 corresponds with the crucifixion of Christ. Moreover, subtracting 33 years (i.e. the age of Christ according to the Gospels) from the year 1185, we arrive at the year 1152 as the most plausible date of his birth.

Fomenko's sentence has a mistake. Jesus Christ (Andronicus Comnenus), is "John The Baptist" till 33 y.o.
Andronicus was born around November 1118 AC.
John The Baptist (among other avatars) till 33 y.o. He is executed (lapidation). He resurrects.
Jesus of Nazareth from 33 to 67 y.o. ("Second Life"). -Not crucified but tortured. Attached to 2 columns inside Constantinople Hippodrome
(reflection of this is Saint Andrew Crucifixion). Executed 11th September 1185 AC.

The year 1150 AC, is the year the Hopi-Annasazi abruptly abandoned El Chaco (Sacred City), in order to live under cliffs (as if being tremorous of celestial disasters), as they interpreted supernova as the Red Kachina end times.

The mysteries of Chaco Canyon

Crab nebula it's very peculiar, you know.

Pulsar - Wikipedia

The Crab pulsar has a 33-millisecond pulse period


So Blue Kachina (Halley) passed 1145 AC.
And Red Kachina (Supernova) exploded 1150 AC, and was visible at night to the naked eyes around 2 years.

Mary Virgin and Mary Magdalene are sometimes archaetypes mixed. Red Eastern Egg (Red Pesaj).

The Red Star, exploded into the TAURUS constellation HORNS.

That's why isis shows this red star (ISIS-ISA-IESUS like Mary Virgin). And that's why we see always a bull in the scene of Nativity of Jesus Christ.

The donkey I guess it's related to BALAAM prophecy

and astronomically related to Orion.

The red heiffer stuff maybe either related.
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Dec 1, 2020
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HEROD Connundrum and the Massacre of Innocents.

First of all, we have to point. Who's the biblical Herod?
As HEROD it's a generic term (Royalty).

Herod Antipater (Manuel Comnenus -you can see some quotes on Isaias about Emmanuel-)
Let's see some similarities:

HEROD AntiPater, lives 60 years. MANUEL lives 61 years. HEROD AntiPater is drawn as not so much masculine. MANUEL we suspect was esteril. Biblical HEROD AntiPater has 3 brothers, the same for MANUEL who was the last one from four.

The epitet AntiPater comes (as we'll explain later), for the throne sucession after a killing disguised as hunting mistake,
by MANUEL with respect his own father. So we see the AntiPater epitet is clearly matching real history in Constantinople.

Alexios I (Herod the Great) 1048-1118 AC
Ioannes II or John II (Herod Antipas) 1118 AC-1143 AC
Manuel Comnenus (Herod AntiPater) 1143 AC-1180 AC

"Killing or Massacre of Innocents" (Biblical children killing), it's a very distorted story based on several real facts (but changed from time, place, and context).
Official biblical narrative, says Herod King fearing for the "New King" (Messiah), ordered to kill all infants below 2 years.
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