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Sep 27, 2020
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In a recent, greek edition Mickey Mouse comic of my son's, there is a story mentioning Atlantis. What caught my attention was a map of the Mediterranean that shows it in supposed earlier times. Well, this map seems to be a fine case study for alternative history researchers, here.

Even more interestingly than the portrayal of Lake Tritonis, mentioned in Herodotus, is the depiction of a strip of land dividing the Mediterranean into West and East part, thus connecting Europe and North Africa by land, from the Balkans and through the Italian peninsula and Sicily.
Not only lake Tritonis, but also, 'Lake Adriatica'.


Now, imagine what explanations could surface after some mental work on this map:
No need for risky seafarings,
easy access to the whole of the Mediterranean and Africa by all nations, seafarers or not,
the 'Roman' cities of N. Africa,
a flooding creating the Adriatic Sea and the Venetian lagoon,
Hannibal's elephants taking a shorter route,
lion statues in ... Macedonia,
the papyrus micro-colony in Sicily, ... you name it!

According to this video that depicts the sea level change in the Med, a drop of about 800/850m is required for such a continuous strip of land to surface ('200m' is mentioned in the comic).
With such sea level, the Med would be isolated from the Atlantic and the Black Sea. All the big islands, Sicily, Corsica, Sardinia, Cyprus, the Balearids as well as the the Aegean islands, would all be connected to the mainland. Large portions of land would contain civilisation spots, that are now underwater.
So, guys, start your calculations! When did the sea level rose and how?

I am sure this is not something new in geological surveys or maybe in this site, too, but I, personally, had not seen it before. It seems like the comic author is aware of ... StolenHistory matters; the Lady of Elche is also mentioned, as well as rock-cutting beams, a peaceful society that hides itself from the rest of the world, etc. I wonder if the placement of the map and the overall story is not just kid's cartoon fiction but ... a deliberate 'flashing'.

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Sep 26, 2020
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Based on a old mayan story about the sun and a mouse I found the idea of a nova-event with mouse-ears. So could micky-mouse or diddle-mouse have to do with a nova-explosion ?



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Aug 29, 2020
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I’ll have to dig around the site, but there is at least one thread(apart from this one) discussing how Walt Disney may have had some deeper knowledge of our stolen history. When I get a few minutes, I will try to locate this post and link it here. I believe that Disney has been and is still used for soft disclosure on several topics so long as you are keeping an eye out for clues. If he doesn’t already have one, Walt Disney deserves at least one thread.
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