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Just to qualify my suggestions' relevance, I generally approach this conundrum from another angle.
My entire life, and I doubt I'm alone in this, I've KNOWN there used to be MAJIK in this world, but something happened and it's mostly gone. So I approach the whole thing from a consciousness direction. Which is really the only one there is (?).
It's the underlying attraction and success of Game of Thrones, although others have used it before that.
I'm just saying, I actually get more insight out of so-called "fiction" than that which CLAIMS to be other.
It's also why it's so hard to keep tidy threads. These issues are inherent in everything. Hard to draw lines or boundaries over it, and that also inhibits free or fluid thinking, which is more radial than linear.
I've been wrestling with how to deal with that here.
You get glimpses of it when you have an inspired group posting simultaneously. It jumps threads, fires back and forth and seems to take on a life of its own, but it's difficult to keep "organized".
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