Carolina Bays and the Great Comet of 1811-12 (conspiracy-r-us)


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Dec 17, 2020
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Just discovered this lost video by conspiracy-r-us again by accident and decided to re-upload it:

34 minutes in, conspiracy-r-us starts to show evidence that forces apparently like the forces that created the Carolina Bays also destroyed many star forts. And around the same time: early 19th Century. This based on the shallow lakes found next to star fort remnants.

Similarly, WakeUpHuman also showed evidence that nuclear-like forces destroyed star forts. This in the second part of the piece at:
География глобального мира до ядерной войны на примере античной архитектуры и бастионных звезд (Russian), (English translation)

WakeUpHuman's piece is one of several posts reviewing evidence of a high-tech 18th/19th centurywar. English translations for some of them (and for similar posts by other Russian bloggers) can be found at:
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