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Coming to GRIPS with the Truth of Stolen History is not easy !!! I will outline my journey which began with the motif / finial atop the Taj Mahal and relate things at the present and my efforts to cope with the truth !!!

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The motif / finial atop the Taj Mahal had a crescent moon but no star inside the crescent moon !!! An Islamic structure without the star made me wonder a bit; my reading of history flashed across my mind, the Aurangazeb crackdown of 1675 AD. and during that turmoil the motif / finial may have been forgotten to take down and replace it with a crescent moon that had a star inside it. This was in the year 2005 time frame.

Fast forward to 2020 and what do we have ??? I had encountered the writings of --Daniel Phoenix III aka., The --Daniel Papers from a website called and then went on to read a lot of material from just about everywhere; the forums of Antiquatis Discussion Fora - Index page , Conscious Hugs | Everything We Know Is WRONG , and many websites and blogs belonging to independent researchers of the past from Russia; Возвращение домой , wakeuphuman

and finally landed on Andrey Kadykchanskys’ journal at Записки колымчанина !!! I learned about Star Fortresses, Calcutta Buildings and it all really got me thinking. I am a 100% touch based person. For me it is important to visualize and actually hold the thing in my own hands. Another limitation of mine is that I cannot read anything without becoming the thing I am reading. So; I had to confirm for myself in my own way the existence of Star Fortresses and these buildings of Antiquity, a journey which led me to visiting Visakhapatnam and its European Cemetery and learning about the Star Fortresses in Calcutta, Madras, Bombay etc., and even checking out some Indian Fortresses of the past to see if they were Star Fortresses !!! The Charminar and The Golconda Fort of Hyderabad popped up in my mind to investigate a little bit. What about where I live ??? Good Old Tennessee ??? The Antiquity Researchers of Russia talked about The United States Civil War and the buildings are old here also and do they fit into the pattern outlined ??? To my surprise they did !!! The best part of all this was finding the Parthenon in Nashville with some concrete exposed and I so much wanted to touch the rock from Antiquity that it covered. Fortress Rosecrans in Murfreesboro showed up when looking at the Cannons in the Stones River Battlefield National Park. So; I became friends with Andrey Kadykchansky on Facebook, sent him some photos I took of the Parthenon steps needing repair along with photos of old buildings and a Map of the Tennessee Centennial and got some responses back !!!

To be very honest; I was, still am and always will be clueless about any history anywhere !!! Slowly I waded into Тартария and learned of a “tech_dancer” and his analysis of Antiquity Technology; tech_dancer - тарт-ария.инфо, tech_dancer!!! It was wonderful reading about Antiquity and the Ether /Aether Technology being attempted to be understood. Suddenly there was a face to Antiquity and its mysteries; something I could hold and see and also try to understand. I learned from tech_dancer’s writings that items from Antiquity were appearing on online auctions in Russia and I got to wonder and started visiting Civil War sites in Tennessee and get a first hand look at the artifacts left over from a bygone era !!! I now have an interest in Antique Stores and I do ask for Civil War items.

My readings started to sink into me slowly but surely !!! If the 1700s through the early 1800s were a time of the MUD FLOOD and the reset of the World Civilization that existed; then Christianity is 200 to 300 years old ??? And what about Jesus Christ ??? The Roman Empire as recited by historians ??? And the Antiquity Of India ??? What about the religions worldwide; especially Hinduism ???

Slowly it dawned on to me the TRUTH Of Antiquity !!! Catastrophe struck in the past; there were remnants of a worldwide civilization, who then wiped out the rest of that civilization so that they could rule without any competition and thusly here we are !!! All history and religions are a narrative; we have some artifacts and things that can be held, touched and wondered about !!! This last sentence is what got me grounded to reality and going forward.

I do not know how everyone lived in Antiquity; were the human beings a slave race or a free people, what were the beliefs towards divinity and deity etc., and the human bones and remains found in the catacombs under Paris and Rome tell me that humans were a servile species serving whom ??? We are talking about catacombs only in two places in the world; what about other places ??? Such questions are endless and will never let one rest !!!

I deal with the TRUTH Of Antiquity / Stolen History / Lost History / Lost World in the following manner;
1) All history and religions are narratives; however there were some things real and these can be seen and related to minus the narratives, I consider GOD to be real and as the source and origin of things and I do not worry about narratives of history and religions !!!
2) I belong to the Worldwide Human Family and find meaning in my life to be there for the Worldwide Human Family and do things that help the Worldwide Human Family in the near and the long term !!!
3) The Ether / Aether of the past may be gone or may not be gone; it may be a goal worth exploring, but the needs of existence of oneself and the Worldwide Human Family take precedence over everything else.
4) My attitude and actions are of the DO GOOD; BE GOOD nature and in that order for the benefit of the Worldwide Human Family !!!

And so there we are about how I cope with the TRUTH Of Antiquity / Stolen History / Lost History / Lost World !!! For me the step towards finding back GOD was a very difficult journey !!! I am sure that many out there are struggling with their unique journeys and battles to cope with the TRUTH Of Antiquity / Stolen History / Lost History / Lost World !!! I hope one day we will all come together and progress as one family !!!
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