Coronavirus is the catalyst to a technocratic New World Order

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Aug 31, 2020
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Here is what I think is going on, and what I think we can say about the future. If you have other ideas about the technocratic elements in play, please share them in the comments.

I see the events of the last few weeks as the new world order's bootup of a GLOBAL TECHNOLOGICAL CONTROL SYSTEM . This is an attempt to kick-start the technocratic agenda across the world.

If you have been following the technocratic agenda over the past years, you will be familiar with the elements already. Here they are being brought into a coherent whole, over just a few days. They are not taking years, using environmentalism, as expected.

The elements in play, as I see them:
* Isolating people. Which means is we're going to spend a lot of time on our screens and receive the messaging.
* Online education. Kids to be homeschooled by mummy government.
* Online shopping. Everything is moving online - shopping already was, but this continues apace.
* War on cash. Cash is dirty, trackable card purchases are fine.
* 5g rollout. Nevermind the 5g conspiracies, with everyone is stuck at home, who wouldn't want faster internet, right? 5g is the infrastructure of the technocratic future. Its getting turned on regardless of protests. It supports the 'smart' (read, spy) cities.
* Economic collapse. Taking away security nets for most. It hands power to those with their hands on the printing presses.
* Universal Basic Income (UBI). This is the perfect time to roll this out too, especially as many hospitality, or client facing workers may get axed. They are testing this in the US, right?
* Veneration of scientific, expert opinion. At SH we know about this - we are meant to buy into the idea that technocratic experts know what is right for us - better than we know ourselves!
* Chipped humans? Something to confirm we have been vaccinated, educated, etc so we're not a danger to others?

In summary, more isolation, more tech, more dependency on government.

We are being made to feel fearful as that is how we can be made to literally beg to be taken care of by 'The Powers That Be'/governments, which allows them to serve up what they had planned.

The carrot in all this for the masses, is the green agenda! We have been guilted and blamed for killing the world for the past few years. I don't believe it and see it as just another tool to manipulate people. However the lack of industry will be seen as a massive boon - our planet will recover, dolphins will return to Venice, etc. The stories almost write themselves. However, these stories though will take on a greater significance to the masses - they will become a life raft for the hopes of fearful people to cling on to.

As time passes, those masses will acclimatise to the restrictions and new way of doing things. We will get used to the martial law lockdown, but at least our guilt will have been taken away! The masses will NOT want that good news that carries their hopes to be taken away. The green agenda/new green deal etc are here to stay. I think UBI will also be a part of it - most will want the money and will become self-policing so that it isn't taken away if they are deemed to be a bad citizen.

TPTB engineer our consent through stories and dramas. Through stories they usher try to make us see a world of threats and worries, rather than the paradise it actually is. Using those it has convinced they can also threaten, bribe, cajole us to take real world actions. They have infinite money as they print it, and they know how to use it. They have control of all the tricks and illusions. And they aim to instil fear as a means to control us. But they can't make us do anything really - you have to sign up for it. You have to agree to whatever they are proposing. I don't! You may have to go along with things - this situation does not demand fighting on the streets - you may have to acquiesce but you do not have to consent.

Despite all the negative aspects to this, I still see this event as an opportunity. We get to see to what is going on in this world - its unambiguous! We also get the opportunity to exercise one's brain and heart. It's quite exciting really, an amazing growth opportunity!

When all is said and done, the world will be changed by this. However, humans will still get to be human if they want to. Just like now, you can choose to be part of the herd or think for yourself. The training and incentives will have changed, what seems important today will not be so important tomorrow - I mean, this issue has already overwhelmed the historical research on this site. No doubt TPTB are planning to ramp things up, globally now, creating new ways of managing us. So we will have to change too, be brave, and follow our hearts.
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