Cosmology and ancient myths


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Aug 25, 2020
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A good starting point when thinking about cosmology is the nordic mythology of Midgard (middle earth), to understand our position in the cosmos, and remember what humans once knew. Heliocentrism is the antithesis to middle earth, and takes away the meaning of our life.

Tolkien drew not only from germanic-nordic mythology, but also from Brother's Grimm fairy tailes, and the tales offer a meaning to our existence as well.

If we hope to live not just from moment to moment, but in true consciousness of our existence, then our greatest need and most difficult achievement is to find meaning in our lives. It is well known how many have lost the will to live, and have stopped trying, because such meaning has evaded them. An understanding of the meaning of one's life is not suddenly acquired at a particular age, not even when one has reached chronological maturity. On the contrary, gaining a secure understanding of what the meaning of one's life may or ought to be -this is what constitutes having attained psychological maturity. And this achievement is the end result of a long development: at each age we seek, and must be able to find, some modicum of meaning congruent with how our minds and understanding have already developed. Contrary to the ancient myth, wisdom does not burst forth fully developed like Athena out of Zeus's head; it is built up, small step by small step, from most irrational beginnings. Source

Focusing on the mere shape of our realm would be fruitful if every participant of the discussion had honest intentions with the desire to learn and if we had the resources to conduct more research on the empirical level, but this is not the case usually, so it is a bit pointless to discuss this. Taking heliocentrism and esotericism out of the equation leaves us with not many possibilities - it boils down to flat-earth vs. concave earth, and only one of those concepts has some roots in the ancient world (think about the world egg myth) or the quote in the bible: "there were giants in the earth in those days"). Even though I think the concave-earth model offers the most elegant way for 'geocentrism' to actually work in a mathematical way, there are other ways to come closer to a more meaningful understanding of our world, when looking at thins through the lense of mythology.

Either way, whatever our ancestors knew about the shape of our earth, they new that earth was the center of existence, and this was the foundation of everything they did. Taking away this certainty and replacing it with the view that we are a meaningless part within a cold and endless universe essentially broke our morals and left us disrooted and alienated.

So the first step back is to re-connect with this old view of the world, and this offers the opportunity to see life in a whole new way. While many people think realizing our nothingness compared to the cosmos is liberating, this is just a temporary feeling to lessen the burden of life, but does not take it away, to the contrary.

Tolkien got inspired to write about Middle Earth after his first experience with war, and his entire work was based upon the changes that WW1 brought about, destroying the connection to the old world, and bringing about a cold and technological world without regard for the mysterious and deeper aspects of life. He rescued the memories of the germanic-nordic myths, and most of his work is a 1:1 translation from the old myths, so Tolkien's Middle Earth can be considered as a modern version of our ancestor's world. His purpose was to be a bridge between the pre- and post-war period, to bring over the nordic and germanic legends and memories, so that those who seek will still have the opportunity to find meaning. The wastelands in Middle Earth (Mordor, Isengard, and the swamps) are similar to the Nothing that Michael Ende writes about, a metaphor for the 20th Century, where evil gained control of the world and began to turn large amounts of the once thriving old world into depressing places.

Diving into the Middle Earth universe may help answer the question of the shape of our earth, not in an abstract mathematical, but intuitive way. Then, at one point in our journey, we will remember again, and re-connect with our Ancestors, to close the circle.

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.

J. R. R. Tolkien​


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Sep 5, 2020
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I recently reread the Tolkien series and it was a great pleasure. A timeless and wonderful story(s) that show the positive aspects of beings who are cast against darkly evil forces of great power and prevail. We seem to be in a dark age ourselves where the powers of Mordor grow exponentially at present. The legacies of our past forefathers are being destroyed in front of our eyes and a beast system is being installed at Warp Speed. It is a spiritual war against us and humanity itself. We need these great stories and values to buoy us against the waves of subversion.


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Sep 16, 2020
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Focusing on the mere shape of our realm would be fruitful if every participant of the discussion had honest intentionts with the desire to learn and if we had the resources to conduct more research on the empirical level,
I think this statement should apply to every subject of history, archeology, anthropology, linguistics, ethnology, etc. which are discussed in this forum, the construction of our realm being near the top of the list.

this is not the case usually, so it is a bit pointless to discuss this
I tend to lean the other way, fix the problem so it becomes no longer pointless. I think its natural for man to contemplate what he is, where he is, where he came from, where he is going and what his purpose is. These questions are at the core of our being and all inquiries into knowledge lead back to try and answer these questions with the hoped outcome being the acquiring of wisdom.

I see the problem being that people tend to hold beliefs based on religious, ethnic, nationalistic, cultural, scientific, materialistic and intellectual tendencies, not realizing they are bound by these in considering anything not fitting into any of those limitations. There is only one truth. And it shall set us free. If we can find it, or I should say when we find it. :)


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Aug 25, 2020
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Tolkien 'had a 20 year engagement with an imaginal realm, and produced boxes upon boxes upon boxes of manuscript. Thousands of pages of manuscripts documenting his encounter with the imaginal. He saw the imaginal as a given thing. As a reality, as an independent truth. He did not feel that he was inventing anything. He repeats this again and again in his letters, in his private conversations, that his experience of the imaginal was an experience of a reality—a truth.

Around the time (of World War One), Tolkien began having a sense of a deeper reality that was bidding him to explore it. He began having words coming to him. He called them “ghost words.” He would hear Elven words. Words in a language that he had not ever heard before. That no human had heard before. The words would come not just with sounds, but they would come with meaning. He began keeping records of these Elven words, trying to explore that vocabulary. The words didn’t just come. With the words there came stories. The Elven languages came complete with a mythology.

Then in 1916, Tolkien goes to the Battle of the Somme which was perhaps the most horrendous sacrifice of World War I. A half million men died in six months at the Battle of the Somme. Twenty thousand British soldiers died on the first day of battle—first day of July in 1916 alone. Amongst the men who died at the Somme were two of Tolkien’s three best friends. He was there for the entire battle.

What was (Tolkien's) cosmology? Where did that come from? People have read The Lord of the Rings and it’s like—is there a cosmology in The Lord of the Rings? Or in The Hobbit—is there a cosmology, is there cosmological vision? You start talking about things like that to people who know something about Tolkien, who have read some of his works and it’s like—what the hell is that about?

The point is: the writings that Tolkien produced are unknown. The things he wrote around the time of the First World War—his initial Silmarillion shall we say—these initial stories are not well known. There are a great number of things that Tolkien wrote that are yet unpublished but, material related to his visions, to his Elven stories…

Tolkien’s Silmarillion filled probably two or three file cabinets. The publisher, after Tolkien’s death, he had eight feet of stacked boxes that included his manuscripts of what was The Silmarillion.

Tolkien went through (an) initial series of visions. There were maybe three or four crucial myths that came to him—crucial stories. Stories that related to the origin of human consciousness, and to the origin of Elven consciousness.

In 1919, after these initial three or four myths had come to him, he received a cosmogonic myth—as he calls it. A story of creation. A story that starts before the world, and tells the story of world creation. That’s relatively unusual, and these are the sorts of things that are the foundations of religions actually. Cosmogonic myths—how Gods form worlds, how God powers interact with human powers—are, for the most part, foundational stories of religions. Tolkien received just such a cosmogonic myth in The Ainulindalë.

Was Tolkien an insider into the occult and secret societies? It isn’t clear but there sure seem to be alot of hints and parallels in his work to the flat earth and the book of Genesis and other occult themes.
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Oct 7, 2020
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Fairy tales and myths? We were taught that these were amusing stories to teach life lessons to children.
Or were they real events which the Control System warped for their own twisted purposes?
Jack and the Beanstalk, hmm. How could a simple folk have imagined such a wild tale?


Dec 5, 2020
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It is very interesting that in Middle Earth none of the buildings had 90 degree angles (as the Masons call them - "Angles of Sorrow"!

There are no right angles in nature. Notice with all the star forts - there are no right angles of sorrow. We live in an energetic world, and even our houses are designed to keep us from being spiritual.


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Oct 31, 2020
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It is very telling when Asgard is presented as a flat plane in the MCU movies and yet in Dr. Strange, the earth is shown as a globe by a bunch of gnostic hermits. That never made any sense to me.


Dec 9, 2020
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I could be biased having relations from Poland, Germany, Russia, France, Scotland, Ireland, and a few others populating, or polluting, my bloodstream, but: when Poland fell to the Teutonic Knights in approximately 1350, or maybe 350 AD, it appears that everything changed.
I do mean everything.
Everyone is presently talking about a reset caused by the Covid. I am talking about a reset of which the Covid is a principal component, and instigator, but neither the cause nor a significant factor except as a tool of suppression of creativity and intellectual inquisition.
Time for all to step up to the plate and dig deeper than you have dug before. Certainly deeper than the six feet we all intend to inhabit one day, or way, or another.
Stolen History is exquisitely unique in and of itself. With the resources available through the Internet I can see an explosion in the number of revelations over the next year as big as the explosion in the USA debt bubble; which is considerable.
Myths survive for a couple of reasons. I think the most important is that these myths are actually written in our DNA. The Bible says 'unto the 3rd or 4th generation' but I have evidenced my own going back 5 generations, at least, and can see that this is true. When someone says to you 'listen to your heart' that is exactly true. Cosmology and myth has a base in truth, true events, which are written in our genetics, but this is manipulated by and for past and current agendas. Sometimes our own and sometimes others.
In spite of what we see or hear it is already in our, your, blood.
Definitely, my focus in studies is on Cosmology, the repeating cycle in the Stars and on Earth, and in Myth; as it can be considered in the context of personal history, intuition and talents which belie any real ability that I brought to the table.
I was given all of these, any that I have, along with my physical being. I did not do anything to acquire them. They were freely given though not so freely received. Anybody wrestled with themselves lately?
We are all here on this site for a reason.
I suggest that the cosmology and myths written in our genetic code are telling us to examine ourselves, literally at the atomic level, while examining the world around us along with its history and chronology. What lines up and what does not?
In spite of the suppression of the inquisition of probing minds, courtesy today of big tech, the genie has been let out of the bottle.
My major concerns and considerations now revolve around the 'transition', as I call it, of the mid 14th century. More and more I am focused on the Myths and Chronology substantiated by and emanating from that time.
From the fall of the Polish Piast dynasty, of which I am a descendant, until the rise of the Hanseatic League was less than a decade. The League was a commercial and military confederation of merchant guilds and market towns in Northwestern and Central Europe. Starting in the late 1100s, the league came to dominate Baltic maritime trade for three centuries along the coasts of Northern Europe. I argue that this was only possible because of their alliance with Rome. That alliance cemented that power until the first world war. I argue further that Rome continues to dominate the narrative of everything from Eve to evening which they adjust and tweak ever so slightly continually to 'create' in their image.
It is past time for that to end and Stolen History is now in the forefront as well as the gunsights.
Time is short and getting shorter.
As soon as I figure out how I will be starting a thread on the SGSM which is going to be a dominant topic for some time. 33 years,


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Dec 1, 2020
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