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Nov 29, 2020
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thank you so much---these dog people have been spotted in Michigan as well as the mountains in India...I love this site!!!!


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Aug 26, 2020
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I don't want to throw us off topic though. I'll have to look through some sources like Maitre Francois for any weird creatures because he has a lot of stuff on figures like Saturn/Chronos and a fixation on genital mutilation which seems extremely common in the art from this time period.
The art on the floor tile seems to be a similar style to the likes of Francois' era but more refined, but that could be the artist making it look less shitty or it could've been done shortly after the alleged 1400s when art seemingly improved more.

Without wanting to deviate the topic, but I need to point out that genital mutilation was practiced by Cybele's male priests, called "galli" in "ancient" sources. Actually this "galli" term refer to their origin, as they were galatians (the gauls from Anatolya). The essenes were a part of this priesthood (or were the original priesthood itself) located in Ephesus, and they reformed the cult so as to remove the genital mutilation from their initiation rites. Hence you have "celibacy", which comes from Cybele. Roman history started to be written during the 15th century, and according to Fomenko, the city in Italy is no older than the 10th century.


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Dec 13, 2020
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Wonder what the link between dogheads and werewolfs is, mainstream history seems to treat them as separate phenomena, but surely they must be related? The big difference seems to be that werewolf tales involve a shapeshifting, supernatural element, whereas doghead tales generally don't.

It also seems that the concept of werewolfs emerged a lot later than dogheads, the latter stemming back to "antiquity" (so called by the mainstream chronology). My thoughts are the concept of werewolfs may have emerged from an exaggerated historical memory of dogheads after they became much less common than in the past for whatever reason.

Werewolfs may also have been an attempt by the elites to deliberately cover up and confuse doghead stories, to make people associate half-man/half-canine creatures with the supernatural and therefore as essentially not real.

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