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SH Archive Decoding 3 - 6 - 9 ... the KEY to their secrets !

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2019-11-11 12:42:24
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Sep 8, 2020
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This will result in showing the magnificence of the numbers 3, 6 & 9, which r the key to their secrets:

The Electric Atom (EA), the building block of all matter !

The official model of an atom is FALSE ! We r being mocked with TRANSGENDER-Electrons ! :LOL:

To reach stability in a magnetic field, the current surrounding must flow in OPPOSITE directions, as demonstrated in the “Magnetic River” video by Prof Eric Laithwaite 1975

So there are as well Electrons (NEG) as Protons (POS), which is pure ENERGY orbiting the nucleus (which neutral MATTER) of an atom.

Here is a more accurate model of an Electric Atom (EA). IONs r pure energy, so it is not possible to really draw it.


I started setting up a PERIODIC table with the EA-modell.

Once you see the pattern it is easy. I filled the tables further than elements are officially known. But there is nothing new under the sun !!!

Btw: Magnetic fusion, knowing how it works, does CERN try to crEAte “new” matter ?

The last column is the reduced sum of each number, like 84 = 8+4 = 12 = 1+2 = 3


For ALL of the 333er, 666er & 999er :

IONS are always EQUAL in number, are 3 or multiples of 3
NEUTRONS = 12 or multiple of 12

Elements can be created through bombarding one with another one. In fact it is magnetic fusion. The sum of both elements (IONs & Neutrons) is the new element.

The 333 series

The elements of the 333er series can be created by joining/adding an element of sum 114 with a 228.

3er_1.JPG 3er_2.JPG 3er_3.JPG

The 666 series

The elements of the 666er series are created by joining 2 x 333 er elements or by joining/adding an element of sum 771 with a 885.

6er_1.JPG 6er_2.JPG

The 999 series

The elements of the 999er series are created by joining/adding an element of sum 447 with a 552.

9er_1.JPG 9er_2.JPG

Electromagnetic rEALm, electromagnetic beings, electromagnetic construction
Everything is energy, vibration & frequency.

The atomic nucelus vibrates @ 10 exp 22 Hertz,
atom element @ 10 exp 15 H
molecule @ 10 exp 9 H
cell @ 10 exp 3 H
organ @ 10 exp 2 H
human body 8-10 Hertz

Each single unit resonates much higher than the whole of which it is part.

This is how far I have been decoding this, new "connected dots" will be added.

Edited to add:

Have the sum also reduced to 1 unit & now it becomes clearer
All of the 333er, 666er, 999er are 9.
And there are more elements with number 9 showing up, that play surely an important role.


Edited to add :
The 9er elements inbetween the 333,666,999 have INEQUAL ions.

I have been looking into some of the elements.
It's funny to see how we r being mocked.

F.ex they say curium is obtained through neutron bombardement of plutonium. Neutron ???
In fact it is Helium plus Plutonium.

For Platinum: Some platinum is prepared as a by-product of copper and nickel refining.
Copper plus nickel is Lanthanum, an inequal 9
Brainstorming ...

Then zinc refining, is that zinc plus zinc = Neodymium ?

Edit to add the pattern that shows up. See post number 9 :LOL:
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