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Spun out of the foundlings thread so as not to dilute it but cannot find the right home so hence its in general.

Just to throw the cat among the pigeons regarding this character.

Breasts or bulls testicles?

Diana of Ephesus: Keeping Abreast with Iconography | Alberti’s Window

In 1978, G. Seiterle came up with a new interpretation. He claimed that these pieces resembling eggs were bull testicles offered to the goddess in religious rituals, as a symbol of fertility. In order to prove his claim, he presented a reconstruction of the statue with testicles hung on it. The resulting sight was identical with the statue!

Excavations at around the altar of the temple also indicated that the bull had a great cultural impact for the Artemis cult. Thus the much-debated academic question was resolved.”

Testicles on a Goddess of Fertility - Ephesian Artemis

Our guide in the Vatican Museum said this ancient goddess of fertility is decorated with bull testicles.
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