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Pandemic, mud flood or uncoventional warfare are some of terms associated with changing the course of our history. But what does history teach us and do we really learn from the history? What do TPTB think and plan? Can we prevent the history from repeating itself? Let us take a look at this.

"Dead men tell no tales!"
We have heard about our grandparents not telling us much about our past history and about the stories like orphan trains where it seems like the children have lost their parents. There were times when great wars and catastrophes caused a great deal of damage, causing the world to be divided. Thus, we are left with the official narrative of our history which we heavily rely on. But we do know that it is not the whole story, because some of it doesn't sound credible to us. And since we know that we are being fooled, should we allow them to continue running the cycle of destruction? Are we on same the destiny course as our ancestors?

Those thinkers and their plans
Hills do have eyes and like those masonic checkerboard floors, they seem to be masters of the chess game, where they think many steps ahead. Knowing their plans is not easy, but we do get the clues as we uncover their historical lies. By summarizing what we have learnt from the real history we may be able to predict their evil plans by means of causality and even possibly avert it. That is one possible way to outsmart them. Another way is to study about what tools they are using to direct the course of our history.

Techniques for mass destruction
We have seen that in the past that there were different methods used to destroy things like cities and lands. The most common method seems to be orchestrated wars. Through deception techniques like changing beliefs and falsification, and the use of psychology, it is possible to turn people on each other causing world wide conflicts and massive destruction. Other common and possible methods being used are earthquakes and mud flood like catastrophes. While it is possible that they could be made by artificial means, it remains debatable. Other examples of mass destruction techniques is uncoventional wars, urban fires and weather warfare. Who knows if this is just a tip of the iceberg.

Protecting our real history
Just writing about the past events will not accomplish anything if we are not going to protect it. The best way to protect it is of course preserving our real history, sharing the truth and surviving. Then, by knowing more about our past history and their plans, we will be increasingly secure from a possible grim destiny. And as long as we don't succumb us to the lies of TPTB and keep us on the right path, the history will not repeat itself.

Feel free to post your opinion and ideas about this topic, especially about the secret plans of TPTB and about our destiny based on history.
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Sep 15, 2020
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"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." We all learn this quote at some point, and it has been made into many memes. But the assumption is that the history that we are taught is true, and that there is, therefore, something to be learned from it if we just apply ourselves to studying it.

It doesn't help that history, as it is taught in most schools, is one of the most boring subjects that school children have the misfortune to endure. It's nothing but rote memorization of names, dates, places, battles fought and won, treaties signed and broken. Very rarely is any of it connected to modern times, so that students can see how their own lives are personally impacted by whatever thing they have to memorize. In the States, they only have to remember enough to pass the tests so they can graduate so that they can get into a good college so that they can memorize more stuff so that they can pass more tests.

And on top of all that, everything that they have so laboriously memorized is false. No wonder nobody learns from history, and we keep on repeating it. We cannot learn from what we aren't taught. And when the stuff we are taught is presented in the dullest way possible, that pretty much guarantees that learning from historical events isn't going to be happening very often by very many people.


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Sep 21, 2020
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Wash. DC.
If one reads a public school history book from 1915, it is over twice the size of today's pitiful mind control model.
I remember the 5th grade when I asked the teacher if we could cover 1953-1972 Viet Nam War at the book's end. The teacher sent me to the principal's office for disruption and told me it there was no time for that section. That was 1974.

This article is from Oliver Stone:

"In terms of history education, we face two basic problems. First, as the Nation’s Report Card indicates, students know very little history. Second, much of what they do learn is extremely partial or flat out wrong. Take, for example, the discussion of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in one popular high school text—The American Past by Joseph Conlin—which happens to be used in Oliver’s daughter’s highly rated Los Angeles private high school."

"Neither World War I, which Wilson lied the country into, or the Treaty of Versailles is looked back upon very favorably today. Other presidents, most notably Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, have voiced similar sentiments, which they no doubt also sincerely believed. We’re still paying the price for the debacles they lied us into.

As the great independent journalist I. F. Stone wisely pointed out: “All governments lie, but disaster lies in wait for countries whose officials smoke the same hashish they give out.” And it becomes even more dangerous if an ignorant public, indoctrinated with the same cockamamie ideas as the nation’s leaders, doesn’t have the good sense to question what they are spewing."
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Sep 21, 2020
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Wash. DC.
More on how and why American schools have been dumbed down since the 1930s.
Keep in mind that Joseph Farrell is a theologian, and sometimes he see things through that lens. This talk is from 2017.

Curriculums today focus on making kids into multiple choice consumers, almost like feeding rats cocaine. Pavlov's dog.
Our toxic system affects the world at large too.
Kids are taught what to think, not HOW to think, and certainly to not think independently.
The PTB steal our history by erasing it from the newfangled curriculums.
I found it very interesting that Joseph Farrell said that the Silicon Valley bigwigs send their kids to private schools with NO computers, only old fashioned books!

Federal programs like Common Core are abject failures.
Athletics rule while literature and poetry and philosophy are made fun of.

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