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Wanted to say special thanks to the UAP YT Channel for getting me acquainted with the below documentary via its World's Fair of Imagination video.

For those interested, this is going to be a real treat. I thought I knew a few things about the Chicago Expo of 1893, but the contents of the presented documentary are ridiculously amazing in their mockery of our historical perception. It's like the narrator is saying that they know that some of the Expo things were not supposed to exist, while simultaneously saying that TPTB does not really care about us knowing. At the same time it feels like the narrator was in a proud state of self-denial from all of the achievements he listed.

At the same time the commentary is so obviously driven by the existing expo-related narrative.
  • The buildings were temporary, and it had to be repeated like 50 times, in case you forgot.
  • Same goes for “only one building was permanent”
  • When the Fair was over “everyone wanted buildings demolished because they were such a fire hazard”
If you choose to watch, please share your thoughts on the presented information.

Without further ado.

What about them:
  • electric boats running non-stop, and getting charged once every 12 hours.

  • electric rock drills?
  • electric ice cream makers?
  • electric candy makers?
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