Elongated skulls and their implications on the past

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2018-11-30 19:02:10
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Sep 14, 2020
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Mainstream Explanation
Weird flex, but ok. I suppose that could explain the shape, but it certainly begs the question: Why?

Let's check in with our pals over at Snopes, the modern authority for quickly debunking your conspiracy theorist friend because they're on their third beer and talking about ancient aliens.
It's well known, huh? Academics are debating the motivation? Guess we're going back to Wiki, then.
Ah, the old "we don't know what it is so they obviously used it as a status symbol" card. So, let's follow the source.
I guess I'm going to have to take their word for it, since they don't provide any sources on the Malakulan. Also a strange quirk about this "source" I found on Wiki - they use their own paper as a source for a claim...in the same paper. It's been a few years since I've been in the academic world so maybe I forgot how to read bibliographies, but I digress.

When it comes to these mainstream sources, reading between the lines can usually result in some interesting insights. For example: what sticks out to you here?
Let's assume for a second that this poorly sourced collection of cultures who elongated skulls is true - - this practically seems like a global phenomenon. Is there any area of the world that is left out? So, if the theory is true that long skulls signified intelligence and connection to the spirit world, then there must be some sort of global archetype that most old cultures emanate related to a long skull.

Does this not imply that there was a previous race or bloodline of spiritual, intelligent humans/entities that created this global archetype?

Look at the big brain on Brien...
Brien Foerester is one of the leading researchers that covers this topic extensively. If you have an hour or two to dedicate to it - he was on a recent episode of The Higherside Chats that is definitely worth checking out. I highly recommend listening to it first, as I'm only really dipping my toes into it in this post.

I will start by saying that Brien does not dismiss the practice of skull elongation in other cultures, more importantly he makes a distinction that a small percentage of the elongated skulls they find are not results of purposeful elongation. DNA tests were performed on the skulls found in Paracas in South America.

This pretty much invalidates the "mainstream" theory that this phenomenon is not natural, as the skulls that have undergone purposeful elongation still had the same weight and volume of a normal human skull. Moreover, these skulls have features that are completely unique compared to a human skull:

Moreover, here is a statement from Foerester himself back in February:
Pretty sure we can pull out a few stolen history nuggets from his statement. DNA traces from areas close to civilizations like Tartary, with red hair and lived in subterranean underground houses. Its a veritable bingo board of SH material!


Ancient Astronaut theorists suggest....
Maybe I am not doing this side of the research enough justice, but if you are curious there are hundreds of hours of poorly crafted YT videos talking about Nephilim on earth, using these skulls as an example.

If I can be frank, I think the alien/Nephilim connection as its portrayed online is more or less complete disinfo. I think it is disinfo specifically designed to let websites like Snopes and Wiki call this a conspiracy theory and pseudoscience. Note how the takedown of this theory has little to do with the actual research being done on the skulls - - only that they are in no way these aliens/angels that shows like Ancient Aliens loves to talk about.

Moreover, searching "elongated skulls nephilim" will bring you lovely articles from Alex Jones, our friendly neighborhood limited hangout. You can also find many apocalyptic Christian sites using these skulls to further their own agendas.

Maybe I'm being a little too harsh and dismissive of this side of the argument. If anyone feels that there is more meat on these bones, please chime in.

My Two Cents
There are a small percentage of these discovered skulls that are not Homo Sapien Sapien. This species is tangentially related to the Global Civilization talked about on this forum. It is possible that they possessed special traits or a close connection to nature in a way we do not understand. It is also possible that this species attempted to keep its bloodline intact, and were revered and worshiped by their respective civilizations. This reverence led to the elongating of baby skulls to emulate this species. Eventually, through global cataclysms or social upheaval this line was more or less eliminated from history. Did this species put their big brains to use to create all the lost technology we find on here, like boring machines and wireless electricity?

Let's talk about it.
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Dec 9, 2020
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I saw a video that'll I'll come back and put here, but the video compared elongated skulls with hair, found in Peru , to descriptions of Sasquatch. Both were described as having elongated conical heads and red hair.

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