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What we have is one more historical inconsistency. Apparently, one of the most prominent architectural features defining the face of the Russian city of Saint Petersburg was not built when historians say it was. Additionally, may be it was not built by the reported individuals altogether. As a certain painting suggests, there was a structure in place of the column, and the column itself could be a remaining pillar of the older, possibly Tartarian, mega structure.

The Alexander Column
Weight: 661 tons

column delivery workers
The Alexander Column also known as Alexandrian Column, is the focal point of Palace Square in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The monument was raised after the 1812 Russian victory in the war with Napoleon's France. The column is named for Emperor Alexander I of Russia, who reigned from 1801–25.


The Alexander Column was designed by the French-born architect Auguste de Montferrand, built between 1830 and 1834 with Swiss-born architect Antonio Adamini, and unveiled on 30 August 1834. The monument is topped with a statue of an angel holding a cross. As a monolith that has been quarried, moved and erected it is the heaviest recorded. The statue of the angel was designed by the Russian sculptor Boris Orlovsky.



Named for Emperor Alexander I of Russia


Official story: The face of the angel bears great similarity to the face of Emperor Alexander I. Sure it does, lol.

Venus de Milo

Angel during Column repairs

Prince Grigory Gagarin
Prince Grigory Gagarin was a Russian painter, Major General and administrator. He was born in Saint Petersburg to the noble Rurikid princely Gagarin family. His father, Prince Grigory Ivanovich Gagarin, was a Russian diplomat in France and later the ambassador to Italy. Thus until the age 13 the boy was with his family in Paris and Rome. Grigory did not receive a formal artistic education, but took private lessons from the famous Russian painter Karl Briullov who at that time lived in Italy.

In 1832 he returned to Saint Petersburg, became acquainted with Alexander Pushkin and illustrated his works The Queen of Spades and The Tale of Tsar Saltan.

In 1858 Gagarin received the military rank of Major General. In 1859 he became the Vice President of the Imperial Academy of Arts, and he remained there until 1872. Some sources list him as the President of the Academy, probably considering the Grand Duchess to be only a formal head of the institution. As the Vice President of the Academy Gagarin supported the "Byzantine style" (Russian Revival). He built the "Museum of Early Christian Art" at the Academy.

Column Construction
The official version states, that the column was raised on August 30, 1832, and all the "beautification" works were completed by August 30, 1834.

Here is where Prince Gagarin, and that German Encyclopedia come into play.

Sometime between 1832 and 1834 (allegedly of course), Mr. Gagarin completed the below painting titled "Alexander Column in scaffolds".


As we can see, one of the few paintings not directly related to documenting the raising process, demonstrates a totally different picture. The future Alexander Column is depicted as a corner pillar of some huge destroyed structure. We could definitely speculate as to why we have a painting like this. The reality is... we will never find out.

The second issue contradicting the official version is the 12th volume of the German Encyclopedia for Children. It was published in 1830.

Somehow, in 1830, two years before the column was officially raised, page 183 of the 12th volume of Bertuch's Bilderbuch demonstrates the Alexander Column being fully erect, with no signs of construction.


If our German forum members could assist with the translation of the below, it would be highly appreciated.


Today, the top of the column is crowned by an Angel with a Cross. According to the official version, there was nothing there before the Angel was installed.


Whoever is versed in the denomination differences could explain to us the difference between Patriarchal and Latin crosses. Also, how come we have anything but the Russian Orthodox cross in the middle of the Russian city?

Below are a few additional depictions of the Alexander Column, at a time, or in a shape it never officially existed in.

And to top this topic off, apparently the column was not made using a single piece of granite. It looks like it consists of multiple parts covered in polymer granite plaster thing.

Alexander Column
Grigory Gagarin
Александровская колонна. Картины
Bertuch's Bilderbuch - Digitale Sammlungen
Ящик пандоры – Александровская колонна
Строительство Александровской колонны
Friedrich Justin Bertuch

Засекреченное сооружение на месте Александровской колонны

* * * * *
KD: It appears, that once again we have a very well documented historical cover up of the real events. In this case it could be an introduction of the older structure into a new system. I have no clue as to the time frames of the actual events here, but it appears that the pre-existing "Tartarian" Column could have been fixed up to look nice, and to display what was politically convenient at the time.

Besides, it does appears that 1830s Montferrand stole drawings idea from 1586 Domenico Fontana. It's either that, or 250 years yielded no technological progress.



P.S. Apologies for not fixing up the Google Translated text. I will see if I can get to it a bit later.
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