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Sep 8, 2020
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Over at World-Mysteries a blog by Charles Marcello shows the author revealing all supposed geological and cosmological ages through mathematical equations using the numbers 3-6-9-. Do I hear Nicola Tesla?

Now math has never been my forte but, even I can follow the authors calculations and subtract the implications. And if this all makes sense to you fellows as well, this seems a pretty big nail to be. And what would that leave us with?

I gather that, as many topics here have indicated, we have been led by the nose (noose) on about everything mainstream narrative. It would not surprise me if all pushed scriptures, and this is no undisputed terrain, are from Pandora's toolbox.

The page content is to rich too include here, so please refer to the linkage below for the full text.

Creation matches Geology, What the.... How?
Maybe I should have added a more enticing intro.....

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