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I was contacted by @Green Dragon, and he asked me to publish the below info pertaining to some possible mudfossils located in the Rocky and Blue Mountains.

"Please look at the maps of the north and western United States. First, Clark drew one which Lewis (Corps of Discovery) copied and printed. Then, we have road maps that show this area and the outline of the "dragon" is in green where topology is indicated. Then, look at the "from space" photos taken by NOAA and NASA of this region. It appears we have a huge, crocodile-like dragon here. On top of this we appear to have other giants which have fallen(seen locally), of many different sizes. Also, the ground is littered with petrified body parts of all sizes and types. I have quite a collection. Will try to get some pictures and videos to you in the future. Having lots of trouble because my access is based in a library, but will continue to try and get this message out. This area(Wheeler County and surrounding area), Oregon, begs for the attention of Truthers, True Historians, and Real Scientists. Thank you." - Green Dragon.

The below three images were also provided. To be honest, I failed to find a dragon, or any outline of the giants. Tried to look via Google Earth, but results were the same.


I understand nothing in mudfossils, so if you could help out with what you see, that would be great. Thank you.
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