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Here's where some of my research leaves off. Click on the picture to enlarge and read the coordinates. Please continue to look at this and study what you see. Pay attention to the very last part of the video and what they show and say. It's a map portion stretching from Western Sahara to Asia, and then it spins around to my part of the world.

Star Gate?
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Below: 767 square miles for the mind and soul. Also keep in mind Western Sahara, images included in the videos.
This area below is uninhabited by humans. I invite anyone to start researching this whole area marked in red and surrounding areas, which look like desert. It's full of wonders.
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Remnants of ancient Babylon waiting to be meticulously excavated?
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Below: High tech ruins? What is going on in this structure? Whatever it is, I'm really drawn to it's intricacy and design. It almost
looks like conduits for water? That is a solid structure! However old it is, this is amazing.
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Below: The Field Systems surrounding the region of ancient Babylon are other-worldly. Their complexity is astonishing. Field systems
appear to me, to be multipurpose in function. I'm still trying to determine what those functions are. They seem to be electrical, but at the low frequency spectrum.
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Below: Camp or dwelling? I cannot tell you what this is, but I think some of you will know when you open your hearts and see.
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I have re-read comments made on this thread 3 times now and I still am missing what's happened since I contributed,but I just wanted to say don't despair mate.
This is basically what is happening. Now that I have been getting work again, I'm starting to not have time to invest towards this project, so I hope and believe others here will be happy to contribute and continue where this leads. I think we all are wondering. I'm choosing the smaller footprint approach for awhile, but as you can see, I'm still excited as can be lol.
Thanks friend for pointing this out to us ! This place is pure GOLD !

This feature is also quite intruiging. The ruins of whatever the octogonal structure is seems to be related with an old waterway (?) :





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Aug 30, 2020
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Sulpicius Gallus M
Italy's west coast - can anyone musically inclined work these circles into a melody? Is it possible?

I made this too of US east coast, along with a few other videos (Florida, and parts of Brazil and Australia).


Screenshot 2020-11-04 150226.jpg

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Grids with people... Karlsruhe, Germany. What a beauty.

Karlsruhe Grid.jpg

Karlsruhe from Leylines book.jpg

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