Hidden History of the Vatican


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Sep 21, 2020
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Wash. DC.
Given the renewed interest in religious history here on the forum of late, I thought I would post a counterpoise to the notion that Christianity, a convenient pablum for all societal ills, is best discussed as a matter of national pride and nationalist perspective, and not as the damaging mind-control system prosecuted by the Vatican, the richest corporation in the world, one with its own private bank and super-secret archive. One protected by Swiss guards, since the Swiss house a lot of their secret funds. The Vatican corporation wants to cover up our inconvenient hidden history and was instrumental in providing an escape route for elite Nazis during WW2. Hooray! (Just kidding).

I believe the Vatican controls ALL religions on Earth through blackmail, subterfuge, and secret societies. The one exception is Buddhism, which is really a philosophy.
Rome and the Vatican and Pope...modern day Fascism and new Caesars. Raw power. "Divine Right of Kings."

Consider the following:

• The Christian Cross predated Christianity and the story of Jesus by thousands of years. It's an ancient symbol for reincarnation. Why would anyone use a symbol of a tortured dying man on a cross for a peaceful, loving religion? Because it's not one. Just look at what the Templars did during the Crusades. Money & war. Big business. Nationalism. Tribalism. Distraction. Patriarchy. (No women Popes? Bishops? Why not?).

cross.jpeg Pick a cross, any cross will do...

• The Bishops' miter hat is based on the Annunaki god Dagon, the fish god. That's where we get the fish symbol too.
Nope, it's not from bread loaves and fishes feeding the poor.

dag.jpeg fish.jpeg

• Though a hot debate, I believe the iron pinecone statue outside the Vatican is from 50AD. It is a symbol of the Pineal gland or Third Eye. The peacocks are a symbol for hidden knowledge, similar to the Bennu birds of ancient Egypt. Crowns in symbols also represent secret higher knowledge for PTB dipshit royalty only.
Hells-bells, Vatican City is a star fort! It was never supposed to be a church in my opinion.

pinecone.jpeg bennu.jpeg

• The story of a so-called loving God throwing people in hell for making mistakes.

• The creation of fear and more fear. Shame and guilt for being sinful. Homosexuality seen as a bad thing. Women are chattel.

• Worldwide, widespread pedophile cover ups of priests and bishops, some linked to Satanic Ritual Abuse, the elite Illuminati, and the PTB that practice Babylon Workings for negative uses.

• Christianity is based on the most popular Roman religion during the time of its empire: Mithraism. Now, Mr. Mithra, a sun god, sure seems a lot like our mythical Jesus with his 12 apostle friends. Hmmm....
Early Christians worshipped the sun. "Sun" of God, as it were. A solar cult. (The Pantheon in Rome is really a solar temple with an oculus).
The history of Christianity is akin to a shell game, a big con perpetrated by con artists in black robes of Saturn. (The darkness, Satan, the demiurge).
12 Apostles? Try the Zodiac and Astro-theology instead. Thats why 12 is sacred in religion because the universe is based on 3-6-9-12. Quantum entanglement and holographic physics.

mithra.jpeg zodiac.jpeg

• The Inquisition, Papal Armies, religious wars, and the burning of peaceful, Divine Feminine female druids ––nicknamed "Witches" by the church. That's not very nice...

inquis.jpeg druid.jpeg

• The Vatican is also home to the infamous "Black Pope" of the Jesuits, the armed military order. I don't get a warm fuzzy feeling about them or Opus Dei, do you? Some say the Pope is the "Pindar" or governor of Earth for the regressive ETs, our dubious overlords. Who is genuinely "Our Holiness"?

"'Black Pope' is a derogatory nickname given to the Superior General usually by the media
(and never used by the Jesuits themselves).
The name comes partly from the color of the plain black priest's cassock, worn by members of the Society, including the Superior General, partly from a past concern (most prominent around the 16th and 17th centuries) amongst Protestant European countries concerning the relative power of the Jesuits within the Roman Catholic Church, and partly because the Superior General is elected for life."

More Vatican crimes:

The video is an interview of Jordan Maxwell, an incredibly smart and capable religious and secret society historian, probably the best we shall see for a long while. Enjoy!

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iroqtGQumgA&t=140s
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Sep 10, 2020
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Man imagine the wealth of info hidden in that library the Vatican has locked up ... Always had a feeling it would be life changing.
My memory is far from exceptional - but I think I remember reading that its basically the largest 'old' book storage in the world and that hardly anyone has access. I also remember something along the lines of it being a request only thing too.
Its a shame because the place will probably be a 'victim' of war before anyone gets any real access to it

I am far from educated in this stuff but Maxwell in general feels like what he is doing is in good faith


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Sep 16, 2020
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I think the important bit is what emperors were involved in the mithra cult takeover and what they were doing militarily. they achieved an important conquest and within the territory they conquered they found the walled enclosure of mithra himself. It is on Trajans column. Constantine was born across the river from it. You could not however have a religion centred in middle Europe cause where is the mystery and control in that.



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Nov 7, 2020
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What is most interesting in all of this is that even though we have been co opted from our "pagan" ancestral roots of self-empowerment through the psyop known as Christianity, it still contains, though in a hidden, encoded fashion, all of the necessary elements to undo the entire control system we are currently enslaved under. Which is why, as it stands right now, during the current psyop known as Covid, they have had to make Christianity illegal. When I ponder this idea down to its least common denominator, what it spells out to me is that we are, and always have been, far more powerful than they could ever hope to be, in spite of centuries and trillions of dollars worth of every kind deception imaginable that they have foisted upon our collective peoples. All it will take is a single spark of truth to awaken the masses, and it will all crumble like the house of cards their control over us really is.

It would seem that they have pulled out all stops in a desperate attempt to maintain what little control they have left, which is why they have banned all gatherings, an edict they will never be able to enforce. Their only power is in our tacit participation, which is, essentially, the known history of the world: the history of our self imposed slavery by way of deception. That time is coming to an end soon. We are waking up faster than any mandate they can throw at us. In fact, the harder they try to clamp down, the quicker the awakening will be.

Thank you so much for such a simple yet eloquent and informed breakdown that has triggered the above thoughts. Look forward to your next posts!


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Dec 19, 2020
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From around year 1800 til today, christian church is the greatest crime on humanity. The question is who is behind the veils?
When reading history, it seems like the men who feel the need to push the comon man to he´s knees have been appearing the same time and places as the German Hansa companys, Dutch East India Company, The city of London to the english takeover of north america etc.
They all have been backed by, or fought the vatican.
If the people wouldnt have accepted christinsanity, the jews who now arguably controll the mainstream media and with that, the constructed popular opinion that enables the US/Israeli/NATO wars accepted by general public, would have been no more then an obscure cult of a group of people. They would have been less accepted as a people, then their fellow stateless assyrians, or the jewish cousin Gypsies.

But my question is, do you know when the Laurel wreath change to a kings / Czar crown? And why did the popes start using the Jewish "kippah"? in early 1800´s? @JWW427

Humanity really ought to break the biblical chains and free our spirit.


Dec 12, 2020
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About Mithraism. Russian language conspiracy theory by xaliavschik@lj:
Mithraists are closed paramilitary homosexual clans. All governments of the modern type are ruled by Mithraists. The origin of the cult of the Mithra is from the Roman Empire, it is the cult of Mithra-Sol. The structure of modern society: the union of the cults of Mithra and Cybele against hetero men.
The Imperial cult in the late Roman Empire was a double, two-part cult:
1. The cult of Mithra-Sol is the cult of deification of the Emperor and his troops.
2. The cult of Cybele, the Great Mother of Gods (the Mother of God).
Emperor Julian wrote two main works: "Speech to the Tsar of Sun" (this is the cult of Mithra-Sol) and "Speech to the Mother of Gods" (this is the cult of Cybele).
In the modern church Cybele is revered under the guise of the Mother of God (although, in the Gospels Mary, the mother of Jesus, is a clearly negative character, she walk for Jesus and wanted him to stop preaching; Jesus said that not she was his mother - Matthew 12:46-50). And suddenly, for some reason, the cult of the "Virgin Mary" appears in the state imperial church. This is actually the continuation of the veneration of the pagan Cybele.
Formally, the atheistic secular state, but it is still the Rome with the obligatory reverence of the Imperial cult of Cybele, in the Soviet version - the Motherland, and the "sacred motherhood" as such.
Women's interests are protected by the laws established by the ruling homosexual Mithraists. For example, now almost always women are left with children after divorce. In return, women create an unbearable family environment for hetero men and weaken them, making them safe for state homosexuals. For example, they send their sons to school and the army, where they are putted down and their will is broken.
In return, the ruling homosexuals guarantee women small but regular contributions (the pension, for example). And women do not rely on their husbands, but on the state.
There are three levels of power:
1. The uppermost are the ruling homosexual Mithraists.
2. Average - Priestesses of Cybele and women.
3. The most powerless: hetero men, husbands in families.
What is the point of women's oppressing of hetero men, while remaining too friendly and loyal to homosexuals?
By weakening hetero men, they increase the success of homosexuals in the male hierarchy. The stronger men's friendship, the more cohesive the homosexual team is. Mithraists are able to build successful interaction among hetero men. Hetero men are fighting with each other because of the miserable pennies their females need, and hell and torture awaits them at home from their wives. Homosexual unions allow Mithraists to successfully violate the laws, which in principle were created to oppress hetero men by women with the help of Homosexual "Tweed Ring".
Mithraists unions thus provide a comfortable environment for the oppression of hetero men by women. And the Cybele priestesses unions provide a comfortable environment for the oppression of hetero men by homosexual men.
Not all homosexuals are Mithraists. There are non-system homosexual men, and they are harassed by Mithraists as potential competitors. Intra-species struggle it is very tough. That's why they "fight for morals", "disperse happy parades", etc. In fact, for Mithraists, the ducking of boys and subordinates is a matter of course, it's just their nature. This is the fundament of the whole vertical of power has stood since the time of Rome.
For a Mithraist, the sexual act of a male and a male is the Mystery, it is a sacred act of transferring the Imperial Logos. And when a Mithraist sees such parades, with rainbows, "for freedom", "tru-la-la" - it makes him furious. For him, it is blasphemy, sacrilege, profanation of the Man's Mystery Miracles.

Структура современного общества: союз культов Митры и Кибелы против натуралов
Двойник Путина и Депардье
Разгон гей-парада


Mithraeum - Wikipedia
Christianized sites - Wikipedia
San Clemente al Laterano - Wikipedia
Santa Prisca, Rome - Wikipedia

Mithraeums are in the foundation of many ancient Christian cathedrals often. It's the sacred foundation of organized Christian Churches.
For example in Latinized traditions there are two different words: Mithra and Mitre.
Mitre - Wikipedia
But in any Slavic language it is the one word:
Mitra (mitologia) – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia
Mitra (nakrycie głowy) – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia
Митра – Уикипедия
Митра (корона) – Уикипедия

It is the long time tradition. According to some revisionists, probably, it was based on Templar's Knights Order:
In my region, mandatory military conscription. Most young people agree to be "ill" to avoid this. You can stay in a mental hospital for a couple of months and avoid being conscripted ("otkosit").
You could read about basics of Mithraists manipulations in detail here:
To increase panic and imprint vulnerability, then, the subject, after being seized by the brainwashers (U.S. or S.L. Army, “secret police,” or whoever they may be in a given case) is isolated from all those to whom bonding had previously been established. The draftee is sent to boot camp and sees no loved ones (wife, girlfriend, parents, etc.) for a number of weeks or months. The political prisoner is thrown into a dungeon. Patty Hearst was locked in a closet as soon as she was “rebirthed” out of the trunk of the car.
The need to bond the bio-survival circuit to somebody (or some thing) is indicated by the giraffe who imprinted on the hunter’s jeep as a mother-substitute.
The first human being who appears to the subject after this isolation can easily become bonded as the mother-substitute, or, next best, as a father-substitute. This explains why people held prisoner by terrorists (e.g., on hijacked airplanes) often develop a “paradoxical” sympathy for those who are threatening to kill them. It also explains why the draftee begins to look on his kidnappers as protectors as well as captors, and why the brainwash victim begins to please, gratify and eventually “respect” the brainwasher.
In all cases, since the bio-survival circuit is keyed to nourishment, those who bring food become possible subjects for bonding.
The political prisoner, the draftee, the subject kidnapped by terrorists, all move somewhat closer to identification/bonding with their captors as they are fed regularly.
Among the Zuni Indians, the male at adolescence is kidnapped by masked “demons” who carry him away from the tribe (away from mother and other imprinted security figures.) He is dragged out into the desert and threatened with whips. Then the masks come off, revealing his maternal uncles, and in that moment of imprint vulnerability the tribal “secrets” (the local reality-tunnel) are explained in a way that leave an indelible mark on his consciousness. Similar rites of passage are found in all tribes, few as cleverly designed as this one. Symbolic and diluted versions survive in Bar Mitzvahs and Confirmation ceremonies in our local mega-tribes.
The rebirthing of the second circuit is (relatively) complete when the Bottom Dog subject begins to seek, sincerely (not hypocritically) to win the approval of the Top Dogs. This, of course, only begins as play-acting; the skilled brainwasher knows that, and does not really object. With subtle reinforcement the play-acting becomes more and more genuine.

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