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Sep 8, 2020
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Part One: Does history even exist???

I've had issues with the mainstream historical narrative ever since late elementary school. How is it that hominids have been around hundreds of thousands or even millions of years, but recorded history and civilization is only something like a few thousand or at most several thousands years old? How is it that energy intensive industrial, high-tech civilization is only around 140 or so years old? How is it that coal consumption in the U.S. began around 1850 and oil around 1860 with coal consumption in Europe / British Isles starting not all that much early, especially from evolutionary and geological perspectives? How is it that we managed to burn through the half of fossil fuels that is practical to extract in such a short period of time, but did not use any of it until very recently?

Supposedly U.S. energy consumption has increased by a factor of 50 with a per capita increase of four-fold since 1850. So most of this is due to a huge population increase according to the official narrative. The U.S. uses 23% of the energy but has only 5% of the world's population. When you add in the rather high (although not nearly as high) energy consumption of other 1st world nations and probably NECs, it sounds like much of the world gets by on a per capita energy consumption substantially below 1850 U.S. level.

It seems to me that industrial, high-tech civilization is very wasteful, with the U.S. being the worst offender. Imagine if we just did one thing and that is to super-insulate and seal all houses, apartments, and commercial buildings, or even for that matter if Nixon implemented such a standard for newly constructed houses and buildings going forward instead of pretending to do something with a ridiculous 55 mph speed limit on limited access highways. Of course other things such as making things to last instead of making almost everything, including but not limited to cameras disposable or nearly so. Not shipping everything back and forth half way around the world during various stages of production would help. Relying mostly on personal rapid transit and other forms of electrified rail would help. Instead of wasting energy with a third of our natural gas basically going right into rivers as fixed nitrogen by having vertical farms that can help too. I say superinsulate the vertical farms, rely on heat exchangers to recover at least 90% of the heat in ventilation, and produce the light with high efficiency bulbs (as in LED, High intensity discharge, or flourescent) rather than rely on the sun for light and have to produce enormous amounts of heat for glass buildings. The list goes on and on but getting down to per capita 1850s levels or even a half or third of those levels should be easy.

It looks like, best I can figure easily, that the U.S. has consumed around 7 quintillion BTUs (7,000 quads) of energy as of 2019 (around 5 quintillion BTUs up to 2000 and 100 quads a year for nearly 20 years since (it has been basically flat a long time despite 2018 being a record)). U.S energy consumption supposed exceeded biomass produced around 1980 when energy consumption was 75 quads. If 10% gets converted into coal and petroleum naturally (a wildly optimistic guesstimate in my opinion) it takes around 930 years of biomatter to produce this. If it really only takes 300 years to produce coal and petroleum (again, same story as above) it STILL takes over 1200 years to try energy intensive industrial, high-tech civilization all over again!!! Not to mention that it is hard for me to believe that with the level of catastrophism needed to possibly make these numbers realistic complex life most likely would not even develop.

Something does not add up, especially energy consumption, pun fully intended. Indeed, I think fossil fuel consumption is the lynch pin upon which to properly analyze the historical narrative.

Perhaps one rather disturbing possibility is that humans, if not the Earth as well, are much more recent than official narratives claim. Despite the fact that I have a hard time believing that there is not a very long history that has been forgotten or suppressed, this is a very compelling explanation. It is said the most simple explanation to a problem or observation is usually the correct one. It could be that ancient and medieval history are one and started around 1000 A.D. Around the 1400s a process of fabricating a history that does not exist began. It may be that European history began to be correct around 1600 and that American (and perhaps Siberian history) only becomes correct around 1850 because a history before then SIMPLY DOES NOT EXIST!!! Perhaps humans haven't been around that long, maybe even the Earth!!!

Could it be that those maps of Tartaria, Atlantis, etc. and the 1771 Encyclopedia Britannica are forgeries as well?

I think I'll leave other speculations that, frankly, are a bit more wild, incredible, and complex for another (or other) threads.

PS, there is a lot of focus on various threads about cities, and apparently the dying cores of cities at that. What about Disturbia, ergh, suburbia (as in Garfield Heights, OH (nothing south of Granger Rd when my parents were growing up despite being an inner-ring suburb of Cleveland)) and exurbia (as in South Russel, OH (don't think I've ever been there even though it is not far from Garfield Hts or even Parma Hts))? Kind of pokes big holes in both the official narratives and narratives all over Youtube and here at Stolen History. Does it not???

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Dec 1, 2020
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feralimal said:
I do wonder about this lack of history too. It does genuinely seem that some families do have long histories that stretch back. Are those faked? I suspect they are true, or rather, they know their real history even if we don't, and that it goes back further than 1800.

How do they do it? Do these guys know when a reset is coming and lock themselves in their underground tunnels and DUMBs? Do they know how to reincarnate themselves with memories intact? All sorts are possible.
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Dec 9, 2020
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I'm confused and alarmed at your question and ideas of history. But I have some questions about history myself. I tend to lean that humanity and human civilization is many thousands of years older than we are told and people are hiding the evidence.

Jef Demolder

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Sep 19, 2020
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The ideas advanced on short history correspond nearly to mines. In my opinion, the related history of antiquity and middle ages has been invented between 1400 and 1500. The real Greco-Roman civilization has been used to build history, but history itself (written sources with stories, dates, persons, events) is fiction. I see two reasons why there was no history before. 1) The civilization was run by non-humans, who have no history (no Greco-Roman grave has a date of birth or death). 2) Humans were slaves, without history. Human history started after the liberation of part of the humans, from 1500 on.
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