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What if this earth were once covered by a global, highly advanced and peaceful 'builder' civilization under a "common law" of some kind?

What if their centers of power were at the north and south poles where they had set up the system to transmit power around the earth using a huge magnetic stone at magnetic north (which moves, in a circular motion) and something else at the south? Two poles of a spinning top would effectively power the earth when tapped...

It also has magnetic north and south poles, based on the planet's magnetic field. When you use a compass, it points to the magnetic north pole, not the geographic North Pole. The Earth's magnetic poles move. The magnetic North Pole moves in loops of up to 50 miles (80 km) per day.

I wonder what would cause that looping? Didn't a picture here of the north pole show a whirlpool around the Polys Arctivs(sp?)


What if the 'wobble' normally keeps our planet free of ice and earth 'wants' to be temperate (ferns in antarctic ice cores anyone?)
What if there were a group of people who broke a promise/covenant of some kind and stole something powerful from the rest of the civilization?
If it were the secrets to a nuclear explosion and those people then used it? (nuclear winter)
What would happen if the 'whirlpool' froze? Global Ice age?
If true, those responsible would know beforehand, they could dig and outfit underground cities? Derinkuyu etc?
What if it started spinning again, and things melted? Younger Dryas explained?
What if, when they saw that things are appearing again and the builder's race might remember, they brought out the nukes and 'tested' them so thoroughly that it kept things cold for another 50 years or so? (thousands of bombs were tested, primarily by USSR and USA, why?)
What if a global treaty caused the stop of the nuclear testing?
You'd need other mechanisms to keep 'them' from seeing the poles.
Would a league of nations who agrees that the poles are off limits to the 'regular folks' of all countries do the trick?
Would a ban on flights directly over the poles help?
Could someone feasibly cover the poles in Google Earth with snow/ice to keep the thawing secret?
What about when that no longer worked?

Were the reports correct about Jesus "glowing with inner light" at his birth true?
Was Jerusalem really Saint Petersburg?
Was new Saint Petersburg rebuilt over the bones of the Finnish people, as they say?
Are the Finns related to the Mongols who look nothing like them? Or, are they related to the Moguls who we no longer see on maps?
Would that make Jesus a little toe headed blonde child who was completely out of place in the middle east?
As we move and explore farther north, why do we keep finding white blonde mummies and why are they hidden?
What will the original builder race find when the ice melts?

That brings us to today and all the change the world is going through at the moment. There are peaceful protests in many countries only rarely infiltrated by violent outsiders. This coincides with the election of President Trump and the beginning of Q.

Is there a missing book somewhere related to a "Q" that might give us a hint?

The Lost Sayings Gospel - Q
Udo Schnelle comments on the provenance of Q (The History and Theology of the New Testament Writings, p. 186):​
The Sayings Source presumably originated in (north) Palestine, since its theological perspective is directed primarily to Israel. The proclamations of judgment at the beginning and end of the document are directed against Israel (cf. Luke 3.7-9Q; Luke 22.28-30Q), numerous logia are centered on Palestine by their geographical references and the cultural world they assume (cf. only Luke 7.1Q; 10.13-15Q), the bearers of the Q tradition understand themselves to be faithful to the Law (cf. Luke 16.17Q; Luke 11.42Q), and Q polemic is directed against Pharisees (cf. e.g. Luke 11.39b-44Q).

Q sometimes signs his posts with a "+" plus sign.
What does the original cross look like?

I'll leave the rest to you

Note: This OP was recovered from the KeeperOfTheKnowledge archive.
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