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SH Archive Hindenburg: Was Zeppelin technology a threat to the 20th century?

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2018-12-18 19:09:04
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Sep 14, 2020
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Most of the background for the Hindenburg can be found here, I will abridge thusly.



Wouldn't be a SH post without at least some reference to a flag with an eagle on it :sneaky:
So not only did the Hindenburg represent the finest in air travel, it also represented the finest in Nazi propaganda. They pretty much used it like Goodyear uses their blimp -- at sporting events, rallies, and other events where the Nazis wanted to show off their prowess.
So for those that haven't looked much into it, it is clear that the Hindenburg had already established a track record of successful transatlantic flights with no issues.

A Life of Luxury
Imagine a world in which luxury travel was not only available to everyone, but was also affordable. In its day, airship travel was twice as fast as steamship travel and didn't require one to spend days adjusting to the tossing and turning of the ocean. You could leisurely float ~500-1000ft above the ocean in your transoceanic journey. Here is a translated except from the Hindenburg welcome brochure:

Nazi regalia aside, sign me up! Its the first class experience that airplanes can only dream of providing. But I didn't make this post to oogle at the marvel that is luxurious travel, we need to talk about the design and implementation of airship technology.

Helium Powered Giants

Oh yeah, *slaps hood of Hindenburg* this baby can hold so much helium and coal.

As a matter of fact, according to the writings of Kenneth Price Jr, 1lb of coal could carry one person and their luggage from Berlin to NYC at the cost of $1/lb!

So not only do airships like the Hindenburg utilize anti-gravity tech (Helium is lighter than air), they are also more fuel efficient than any modern jet airliner or vehicle!
An engine designed to burn the valved hydrogen? That's damn near a free energy device, or about as close as you can get when it comes to travel of this scale.

Did you know:
  • One ton of coal has the same thermal energy as 188 gallons of petroleum?
  • The Hindenburg was capable of flying around the world in 1936 without stopping for fuel?
  • One modern Airbus carries enough fuel to power the Hindenburg 6 times across the Atlantic?
  • So its safe, efficient, cheap, luxurious, and well received by the public. What could possibly go wrong?
The Horror!


The story of the Hindenburg crash is all that remains of the history of this incredible flying machine. Let's start with the "official" explanation.

And that was the last time anyone ever saw commercial airship travel. No, seriously. It was over after this, after hundreds of successful flights and a track record for safety (pretty amazing that anyone survived that crash, they were clearly designed with safety in mind) airship travel was, on the whole, removed from the public.

The following section is the high octane speculation and ruminations on stolen history that I created this post for.

Oil Barons: Mucking thing up for everyone, all the time
You can't really get very far into topics like these without inevitably hitting the brick wall that is Oil Interests of the 19th and 20th Century. These are your Rockefellers, Standard Oil, etc. Others have been blamed for the conspiracy to destroy the Hindenburg - - even the FBI investigated the matter and speculated that the plot was designed by anti-fascist Communists (full disclosure: I only skimmed the FOIA report linked above, perhaps someone braver than I could dive deeper and find some gems in there, as I didn't see much). However when it comes to events like this, one must always ask: Qui Bono?

If you've made it this far in this post, you could see how a technology like the Hindenburg threatens the petroleum oligopoly of the day. Moreover, there was a symbolic issue here - - the Hindenburg was the crown jewel of the Nazi party which to some was not exactly kosher. It is hardly a secret that many businessman of the day had deals with Nazis just as soon as anyone else, but this threat was on a different level because it represented a potential end to the Oil Oligarchy.

Isn't it a bit curious that right after the Titanic and Hindenburg disasters you have a concerted effort to standardize transportation to running off petroleum almost exclusively? And that standard has neither changed nor evolved in over 100 years?

Kenneth Price brings up some questions that I ask anyone who is going to do further research on the topic to look into and see if you can answer for yourself:

Why was the public never shown one single photographic picture that showed the beginning of Hindenburg‘s fire even though there were 22 professional photographers at the event to film her docking?

Why were there so many photographers there to film the Hindenburg's arrival into Lakehurst, Va. when she had already completed 34 successful transatlantic crossings the prior year?

Why was a “static spark ” theory selected as Hindenburg’s nemesis when there was no evidence to support the occurrence of a static spark in the first place since it had never occurred in the four previous decades of flying hydrogen-filled zeppelins?

Why did all nations stop building rigid airships after the burning of the Hindenburg when she and Graf Zeppelin had clearly demonstrated an effective form of anti-gravity resulting in extreme fuel efficiency?

Why does hydrogen continue to be shunned as a gas that is flammable when modern airliners and passenger cars continue to carry a fuel that is not only volatile but even more dangerous?

I am totally open to this topic weaving towards the direction of this discussion towards "rediscovered" technology. While I didn't necessarily find a ton of evidence to support the model that airship tech was the stolen product of a past civilization, that doesn't mean its not out there. I highly recommend checking out the work of Kenneth M. Price, as his research is responsible for this post today.
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Sep 22, 2020
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eyy, first post. of course, it had to be on airships.

it does seem apparent that the technology and even the history of flight itself were modified to meet the goals of a higher authority, as the OP implies. however, oiligarchs could have just used oil instead of coal if it were as simple as money and control. to me, this is clearly societal-scale technological suppression/conversion. I mean how many 'accidents' does it take? especially explosions. 'hydrogen' implodes, doesn't it?

I say 'conversion' because many jets are also 'lighter than air' vehicles that don't even carry fuel. some fighter craft were essentially compressed air wind-up toys. the 'tech' we are shown via academia and media are cum-tsunamis of lies erupting from the mouths of our controllers. Vimana, bell-craft, resonance, project Loon, there are so many ways to fly...

And many reasons to. what about a simple balloon or kite flying a grounded metal wire high up into the sky? oh yeah, benjamin franklin was a boob who invited a lightning bolt into his house on a stormy day with a kite/key combo, right?? whether or not that story is a lie for education or a truth for embarrassment, what happens when you do this on a NOT-stormy day? even in feynman's physics, we can find atmospheric electricity. go back just a little more and you'll find it. go back all the way to 'greece' and it's there too.

Disclaimer: stringing a kite/key up to heaven in electrostatic fashion in the modern day is like putting a giant target on your property.

I will discuss more on this topic in due time. believe it or not, a good deal of tesla's patents seem like they were tailor-made to be combined into an airship. and apparently the patents section is mine now, so see y'all nerds soon.

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Aug 29, 2020
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Walter Bosley has an excellent book series on antigravity airships and Charles AA Dellshau.
"Empire of the wheel."

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRpE3ufeZqw
Thanks for the video, I've found Bosley's work quite intriguing, look forward to listening to the interview.

I've totally convinced myself that we have been deliberately denied lighter-than-air and/or anti-gravity travel options. While researching my Up, Up and Away blog it became obvious that the same manipulators who shut down the antiqui-tech buildings, the star fort driven aqua-tech and the street trolley network also systematically eradicated an aerial public transportation system.

They did this while proclaiming that their clumsy oil, gas and coal power systems were the pinnacle of human ingenuity and successfully conned the public to accepting their metered tech to create profits and force everyone onto a grid that can easily be disabled.

We have been duped big time.


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Oct 2, 2020
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This a rare image of a docking station. Passengers would climb up the stairs inside the tower and board.
Most probably using antique technology ( Tartarian / Atlantean).

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Sep 16, 2020
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I have seen enough to convince me that airships were once a widely used international form of transport. It nicely answers many of the questions we have asked on this forum, about all the old photos having vanilla skies, the high roofs on railway stations and all the crystal palaces (hangars) , and the cupolas on the top of all the old buildings as docking points.

Campbell from Autodidactic recently made two excellent videos on the subject, he has the photo from the above post in there at around 19mins. It turns out the top of the Empire State building was specifically designed as an airship terminal for cross continental travel. An added bonus is the flying train at the end in Germany, great video!

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bK4rsoPdQWM

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIRqK4_RjcU

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Sep 16, 2020
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These two videos just popped up on my recomended feed on you tube, the first one is a beauty! - did we ever stop using and developing this technology?

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNAzkAuXsJg

from the comments section for this video:

Clogmonger 1 month ago

Old World Tech no doubt. We've truly forgotten where we come from.

GGG 6 1 month ago

Clogmonger Tartarian,

I see airship docking stations in every country.... Starting with the Eiffel tower.

Rebecca Ringler 1 week ago

This has all been taken away from us. Hindenburg was a created disaster to take this away.

This next video also shows that we continue to develop this tech

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-0aYicv26M

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All of this reminds me of a story I stumbled across years ago about Helium, which would of course be crucial to any future involving air ships!

This time line starts the story off nicely:

Helium timeline

1868: Helium first observed with a spectroscope during a total solar eclipse by French astronomer Jules Janssen.
1920: The federal government started extracting helium in regions of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, motivated by an interest in lifting power for military dirigibles and balloons.
1925: Congress passed the Helium Act of 1925, authorizing the Bureau of Mines to build extraction plants as a way to stockpile helium.
1960: The Helium Conservation Act of 1960 mandated a 425-mile crude helium pipeline that runs from Texas to Kansas and connects to a number of natural gas plants.
1996: The Helium Privatization Act of 1996 approved by Congress directed the government to start to liquidate the helium reserve assets in 2005 and sell its stockpile by 2015.
2013: The Helium Stewardship Act of 2013 established a new deadline for the end of the federal program and mandated that helium sales be conducted in a series of auctions to private industry by Sept. 30, 2021.

So, we can see that for some reason, in 1996, the US govenrment became desperate to sell their helium as quickly and cheaply as possible. They then stepped up this effort in 2013 to be fully rid of it all by 2021..... The result?

Yes we are running out. Everyone uses products of the many industries that require helium, and there is no way to cheaply make more.

Many people do not realize that helium is a non-renewable resource. It is made on earth via nuclear decay of uranium, and it is recovered from mines. Once it is released into the atmosphere it becomes uneconomical to recapture it, and eventually atmospheric helium will
escape earth altogether because it is so light.

I remember thinking when I first came across this story, why would they want to get rid of all the helium reserves? I recall one story quoting one of the US officials in charge of the reserve saying something along the lines of 'I want all the damn stuff gone!' as if it its very existance was causing him problems. Interesting. Now with the whole airships cover up, this is making a lot more sense!

In fact, I think I just found the original article I read back in 2010!

"In 1996, the US Congress decided to sell off the strategic reserve and the consequence was that the market was swelled with cheap helium because its price was not determined by the market. The motivation was to sell it all by 2015," Professor Richardson said. The basic problem is that helium is too cheap. The Earth is 4.7 billion years old and it has taken that long to accumulate our helium reserves, which we will dissipate in about 100 years. One generation does not have the right to determine availability for ever."

and this bit is interesting, NASA playing its part in wasting the Helium reserves more than anyone

Professor Richardson believes the price for helium should rise by between 20- and 50-fold to make recycling more worthwhile. Nasa, for instance, makes no attempt to recycle the helium used to clean is rocket fuel tanks, one of the single biggest uses of the gas.
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Sep 16, 2020
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Sep 16, 2020
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Kauai, Hawaii
Thanks Silent Bob for this video that has some b&w footage I haven't seen before. Most of the blimps seemed awfully primitive, though the rigid airships appeared to be a big step up. If these ships were once in much greater use than history tells us, I am guessing they were probably equally primitive. People still need to make a skin of fabric to hold the helium or hydrogen. Did the old world have the kind of technology to make voluminous skins? Out of what material? It doesn't appear they were into petroleum based products that we depend on today.

Anyways, I've pulled back on the fantasy that there were all kind of sophisticated dirigibles back in the day. However, I do think there were lots of blimps or balloons in the air and they were necessarily primitive, according to today's standards. They were of the same class of travel as slow boat rides in the canals. They were used to map out the earth and guide construction, for amusement and for travel. Surely they had some energy technoIogy that helped propel them. Airships must have had a great appeal in being able to view all the stunning gridwork and geometric layouts the old world created, looking down on an earth motherboard.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNOusZLO7y4&ab_channel=NotExactlyNormal


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Oct 3, 2020
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Miles Mathis had a paper recently about Hindenburg, in which he concluded that its explosion was faked. He does make a lot of sense there. The photos do indeed look fake, as do the stories of survivors. But it is his paper on Lindbergh's faked flight that is really excellent IMO. His point about Spirit of St Louis not having a windshield is alone quite a gem. So it looks like both events were faked to promote the aviation based on internal combustion engine, rather than on other things, for the benefit of the oil industry. The airship needed to be buried and the airplane promoted.



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Sep 21, 2020
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Wash. DC.
Airships are subject to violent weather and maneuver horribly.
I think (I hope) basic antigravity propulsion will soon be implemented in the next 20 years slowly, thus no more helium and jet engines.
Ill bet the farm the US military laughs every time they see. the Goodyear blimp. Good vehicle for advertising though.
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