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Are Mythological Hybrid Creatures the result of Ancient DNA Manipulation?
Creating Human Pancreas in Mice and Rats Approved by Japan’s education and science ministry.

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Howdy Y'all, not sure if this belongs here. The information above is very alarming, but the post below is more theoretical/specualtive/conspirative. But when i read through these articles I immediately thought of these forums. (I lurk here. Created an account just to post this.)

Anyways, I have thoroughly enjoyed the historical inconsistencies of Tartaria and other parts of missing history. So much photographical evidence points to a very different history than the "official" narrative.

Anyways, now to my speculative musings.

I was watching the Disney movie "Hercules" with my children the other day. Now, that in itself is not informative/factual, but the story does involve ancient greece. I was more interested in the "hybrid animals" and how disney was able to give them human personalities. For instance, phil the trainer (Satyr ) - half goat, half human - or pegasus - half horse, half bird. There are a few other hybrid animals in the movies. Such as Myrmaids and cyclops horse and a few others. What caught my attention was how they gave life and personality to these hybrids. For instance, Phil the Satyr is a very strong willed Human Personality, while the movie mentions that Pegasus has the body of a horse, but the brain of a bird.

Anyways, i looked up how many Hybrid Animals are found in mythology and came upon this list

I liked that list because it reminded me that these Hybrids are cast in sculptures and paintings found in history.

A statue by Giambologna depicting Hercules fighting the centaur Nessos following the latter's attack on Hercules' wife Deianeira as they crossed the river Evenus. 1599 CE (Loggia dei Lanzi, Florence, Italy).
Just a quick google search resulted in this beautiful statue of Herculues fighting the Centaur Nessos. The statue is amazing. But what is more amazing is that these hybrid animals have been preserved in history many, many times.

Anyways, the very next day as I was wondering the history of these Hybrid Animals, I serendiputously ran into this article about how we want to further study growing human organs in mice and rats.

As old technology is "re-learned and re-discovered", I suppose these are questions i was wondering about:
In the future, could we perfect DNA manipulation to make a Satyr ---- Human top half, goat bottom half--- but more importantly, the personality of a human?
Were these ancient hybrid animals the result of advanced DNA manipulation?
Was the reason they are preserved in history so many times is because it was such a impressive technological feat?

Anyways, not sure how much more we can pursue these subjects. Perhaps we could compile statues paintings of these hybrid animals and the "supposed dates" of when these paintings/statues were created.

Anyways, i like these forums. Hope this isn't too speculative.

Have a good day.
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