I am looking for a documentary about a monolith on the moon.


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May 30, 2021
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I hope this is the correct forum for a request like this, Thought the heading sounded correct. =)

A few years back I saw a documentary, even then it had a few years on it´s neck. The narrator is a man, who on live TV with 1000´s other viewers, saw something on tv. This was when he was a kid. A late-night show had live moon footage and all of a sudden the camera picks up what looks like a huge manmade cube. They cut the footage and go off the broadcast for commercials, something like that.
He has found others who saw the same thing and it´s presented pretty well. But now I can't find the damn thing. Thought I would save it on my PC: Been looking for weeks. Perhaps someone here knows of it?
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