Is this a Star Fort? Turkey, Lake Iznik. Former Nicaea.

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Sep 22, 2020
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Just wanted to get an opinion on whether this structure they discovered submerged in Turkish Lake Iznik could be a portion of a Star structured city walls? The town of Iznik (historically known as Nicaea) lies at its eastern end. Of course, a little bit of research places historic Nicaea at a totally different part of the lake.

1_Lake Iznik_turkey.jpg 1_Lake Iznik_turkey_1.jpg

Of course the officials call it a church, like there was nothing else built back in the day. Looking at the provided pictures, the actual article sounds pretty comical. Obviously conditions could be different, but I have hard time believing nobody knew this structure was there.

So many details, it's amazing.

When Mustafa Şahin first saw photographs of the submerged ancient church under the waves of Turkey's Lake Iznik, he couldn't quite believe what he was seeing. The head of archaeology at Bursa Uludağ University had been searching the shores of the lake for several years, but it wasn't until local government surveyors showed him some aerial photographs in 2014 that he realized the lake itself covered the ancient ruins he was looking for.

"When I first saw the images of the lake, I was quite surprised to see a church structure that clearly," Şahin told Live Science in an email. "I was doing field surveys in Iznik [since 2006], and I hadn't discovered such a magnificent structure like that."

He said the church may have been built on top of a pagan temple to Apollo, a Greek and Roman sun god sometimes associated with Jesus in the early Christian period. In A.D. 740, an earthquake destroyed the church, which later sank beneath the lake's surface, leaving the ruins submerged and forgotten until they were rediscovered

The ruined Christian church in Turkey's Lake Iznik is thought to have been built around A.D. 390
Lake Iznik_star_1.jpg

Lake Iznik_star_2.jpg Lake Iznik_star_3.jpg Lake Iznik.jpg

Ancient Church Hidden in Turkish Lake. And a Pagan Temple May Lie Beneath It.
Ancient church found submerged in a Turkish lake more than 1,600 years later

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Anyways, while I do see this artificial support for the Christian narrative, I was primarily wondering if any part of this structure rings the bell as a star related?
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