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So, I haven't heard of this one before and it's kinda weird. Imagine you are walking through your buddy's farm and he has sheep growing on a stalk and it's just swaying around and eating the grass below, all four legs suspended. Once the grass is gone, the lamb-on-a-stalk dies and then you can drink it's yummy blood. I give you...

Vegetable Lamb of Tartary


Obviously this is a reference to a cotton tree but it's another lingering lost tale of the Tartarians, similar to tartar sauce. While, tartar sauce is given origin to the French, the French still named it after the Empire.
Some reading:
- Lamb of Tartary; Cibotium barometz
- Creature Feature: Lamb of Tartary
- Animal or Vegetable? Legend of the Vegetable Lamb of Tartary; Scientific American
- Fabled 'vegetable lamb' plant contains potential treatment for osteoporosis; ScienceDaily
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