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for me, in South-West england (the only area i can truly say i KNOW), there are HUNDREDS of hilltop "iron age fort" ruins, and very many ancient mining sites, megalithic tombs, standing stones, etc....
archaeology calls all the hilltop ruins "iron age"... but they really mean "pre-roman" as there's absolutely zero written evidence from the builders, and even very little surviving from the romans... but they still claim this one narrative as fact... i'm no expert but i can't imagine needing a fort on every prominent hilltop, unless everybody was fighting everybody back then? and then how would anyone have time for basic survival needs, when they're at war!?

the whole official history of settlement/invasion in the UK seems a bit messed up and we really only have stratigraphic evidence and modern era writings to base any of it off!

one thing that's always intruiged me is the "historium regum brittaniae" and the other book... written in latin by welsh monks about 1100 years ago,., set in pre-roman (etruscan/mycenean) times and speaks of mediterranean settlers arriving on the south west coast of england (these guys would have also been speaking the proto-brythonic/breton/welsh language!)... they say nobody lived here except for the giants, and eventually fought with, and killed all of them....

you see some of these earthworks, and consider stuff like stone henge, silbury hill etc.. all these tales of giants...
then consider the phantom time/ false history... we could maybe bring these ancient sites forward to a much more recent date (maybe only 1500 years ago?), and some sort of cataclysm wiped it all out?! maybe the giants were just survivor remnants from a previous cataclysm, like the Cyclopes in ancient greece! (they weren't "1 eyed" monsters BTW that's a common misconception!)

damn i derailed my own post haha FOCUSSSSS

will make a thread about ancient UK history... and need to start one on Gunnar Heinsohn as he has done a lot of interesting, stratigraphical analysis into roman/saxon stuff... maybe even proof of a post-roman/ post-saxon flood/ mud flood ;) ;) ;)
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