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SH Archive Lost Cause: United Daughters of Confederacy

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Sep 22, 2020
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There could be something to this “Lost Cause” movement. The narrative labeled it as a “distorted” interpretation of the Civil War. May be within this movement some truth about the Civil War could be found. What do you think?


The United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) is an American hereditary association of Southern women established in 1894 in Nashville, Tennessee. The stated purposes of the organization includes the commemoration of Confederate soldiers and the funding of the erection of memorials to these men.


I have never heard about this UDC group. Have you?
  • That’s a short and interesting (for some) video above. Those high quality confederate monuments which started to pop up all over the place 30 years after the end of the Civil War... what’s up with that?
  • The video says they pressured local governments into erecting monuments in prominent places. Huh?
  • On one hand we have women giving up their children by the thousands because they could not provide for them. On the other, we have thousands of women in the economically suffering South, building state of the art monuments to commemorate Confederate Soldiers.
  • Those were people who still remembered the Previous Society. Well, at least it appears that way to me.
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