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Not at all sure where this thread should be posted as the content of this page covers more than one subject.


So to be brief.
I found it whilst researching into why Popov and his mini Russian fleet went to San Francisco during the civil war from the Russian angle along with earlier articles/images relating to Russians in the San Francisco area prior to the 'gold rush'.

It is of great interest to those researching star forts.
It is of great interest to those who are researching one world planning.
It is of great interest to those who wonder just how unique the layout of Washington really is.
It is of interest to those looking to locate buildings, cities, no longer around in a time.
It is interest to those who are used to looking at old maps but not necessarily Russian versions.

A couple that jumped out at me and why.
This is Barcelona.
Look at the two strikingly different layouts of the place. Does this point to an earlier city being overlaid or expanded by a much more recent city/society/culture?


Spectacular star fort and odd looking 'outlier' bits of fort. Possibly remnants of an earlier bigger one or strategically placed to help the star fort do whatever it was built to do?


Not only did the three different planning layouts strike me but the orientation of the 'pointy bits' of the star fort is north, north west. Could it be in earlier days the orientation was due north?


The only title for this one is Peter. Possibly St Petersburg but I don't know.
The size of the fort is impressive in itself but within it I spotted fortifications in mid river, a min fort within the fort, the way the development outside of the fort radiates out like the spokes in a wheel, a feature not seen in other star forts I have looked at and may point to an earlier way of doing things. Then there is the three distinct square shaped road layouts each having a different 'centre' to them not to mention the big one on the left looks like a pyramid from above with each corner terminating in a mini square/pyramid.

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