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Scientists estimated that the mineral formed 105 miles beneath the Earth's surface.


Isn't the deepest drill 9 miles ish before it hits the wall?

'A single grain of rock lodged in a diamond contains a never-before-found mineral.

And that newfound substance could reveal unusual chemical reactions unfolding in the depths of the mantle, the layer of Earth that lies between the planet's crust and outer core.

Scientists unearthed the mineral from a volcanic site in South Africa known as the Koffiefontein pipe. Shining diamonds speckle the dark, igneous rock that lines the pipe, and the diamonds themselves contain tiny bits of other minerals from hundreds of miles beneath Earth's surface. Within one of these sparkling stones, scientists found a dark green, opaque mineral that they estimated was forged about 105 miles (170 kilometers) underground.

They named the newfound mineral "goldschmidtite" in honor of acclaimed geochemist Victor Moritz Goldschmidt, according to the study, published Sept. 1 in the journal American Mineralogist. '

There you are, science at its mainstream best!

Think, supose, estimate , could be,.....

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A good deprogramming trick:

Every time you hear, read, or see something from someone who is seen or referred to as an expert, a professor, a scientist, or the like, replace such titles proffered to them with the word "story teller", and then listen to what they have to say. You will see that they are put in front of the public to speculate and suppose and speak in possibilities. The stories do not have to be based on any actual "proof", as the above article showcases.

Some know what they are doing, but most are only doing it because it's what they were taught to do, in order to be able to eventually rise to the positions that they are currently in. They learned to be the best regurgitators and rationalizers of their own indoctrination. Many of us here may have had or still have professional experiences where, if we're honest with ourselves (and if we were good at what we did), we could see how we did the same thing for whatever it was that we were subject matter experts of.
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