Narrator collaboration making videos for you tube upload


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Oct 18, 2020
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This is my first time posting and I have autism so please keep in mind that l have not been able to read every thread nor do I comprehend most of the research all of you do. Though I am interested in doing voice over narrative and looking for a way to collaborate. I am highly interested in all the history and think through reading and recording on my part would greatly help me and others learn. There would need to be a few people either writing script for me to read and video editing. Or is there already a YouTube page? Anyhow I would like to help. Is this something useful? Here is a sample of my voice talking about pottery. Please let me know your thoughts. Personally I would need assistance with all video entails but I really do love side projects and using my voice. OK I feel a bit shy to post but as said I have high functioning autism and lack in areas of communication rather conveying my thoughts. View:

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